Progressives Need to Dump the Corporatist Democrat Party

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  1. Progressives Need to Dump Obama and the Corporatist Democrat Party

    Kurt Nimmo
    November 9, 2008

    It really is pathetic the way libs are fooled. They invariably buy into all the manufactured hype around elections. They are hard pressed to realize the obvious fact — elections are dog and pony shows designed to trick the public into thinking they are participating in the so-called democratic process when in fact they are simply signing off on corporate and banker vetted candidates, who are little more than PR front men and script readers. Behind the paper-thin curtain of hype and distraction is the ugly reality of predatory globalism and the New World Order. Obama is no different than Bush, except he is more intelligent and more palatable to the masses. Democrats have the same agenda as the Republicans, albeit with differences on a few social issues, which are played up in the corporate media. But when it comes to financial and foreign policy — and the two are intertwined — there is no difference. Liberal statists, who like to call themselves “progressives,” always discover this after the election. It happens every election cycle.

    The Democrat leadership, epitomized by Rahm Emanuel, will continue the neocon-neoliberal agenda: more war, in fact endless war, and a continuation of the banker consolidation that will ultimately reduce the Democrat base and the rest of the country to third world status.

    Take as an example Stephen Zunes. Mr. Zunes is a respected “progressive,” a professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco, where he chaired the Peace and Justice Studies program between 1998 and 2004. He teaches courses on the politics of Middle East, so he knows something about U.S. foreign policy and Israel. He should have known Obama was just another front man for mass murder in the Middle East, especially after he so obligingly sojourned to kiss the ring at AIPAC. But Zunes drank the kool-aid like all the other “progressives.” He wanted to believe Obama was something other than what he really is — a front man for the bankers and corporatists — so he deceived himself into thinking the “change” mirage was real.

    “I had really wanted to celebrate Barack Obama’s remarkable victory for a day or so before becoming cynical again. I really did,” Zunes laments. “And yet, less than 24 hours after the first polls closed, the president-elect chose as his chief of staff — perhaps the most powerful single position in any administration — Rahm Emanuel, one of the most conservative Democratic members of Congress.”

    Conservative is a misnomer. Rahm Emanuel is a Democrat neocon, for lack of a better description. “Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel is a member of the so-called New Democrat Coalition (NDC), of group of center-right pro-business Congressional Democrats affiliated with the Democratic Leadership Conference, which is dedicated to moving the Democratic Party away from its more liberal and progressive base,” writes Zunes.

    In fact, the current Democrat party leadership has never embraced its “more liberal and progressive base.” The Democrat party is a corporatist contrivance just like the Republicans. In the murky and mostly forgotten past, the Democrats were the party of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, who opposed the bankers. All of this changed after the election of 1912 when the banker tool Woodrow Wilson was elected and it really gained momentum a few years later when Roosevelt’s New Deal coalition gained control of the party. In the 1980s the Democrats adopted the so-called “Third Way” — described as a centrist compromise between capitalism and socialism, that is to say Fabian socialism — and it was off to the races with bankers and corporatists leading the charge.

    In order to mesmerize and fool the rank and file, the New Democrats have pandered and paid lip service to liberal and progressive ideals while teaming up with the Republicans to continue the all-war, all the time agenda. As Zunes documents, Rahm Emanuel is a prime example of this deception and betrayal. He supported the invasion of Iraq and has consistently called for Pentagon budget increases. He is a “prominent hawk” (that is to say, neocon) in regard to Israel and its multiple crimes against humanity. Mr. Zunes tells us the Democrats attempted to resist all of this through a series of amendments. In fact, such amendments and ineffectual complaints were little more than showboating and pandering to the repeatedly betrayed Democrat base.

    “It is unclear how serious of a blow Obama’s selection of Emanuel is to those who hoped that Obama might actually steer the country in a more progressive direction,” writes Zunes. “It’s easy to see it as nothing less than a slap in the face of the progressive anti-war elements of the party to whom Obama owes his election, particularly following his selection of Sen. Joe Biden as vice president.”

    It should be clear as a bell. The Democrat leadership, epitomized by Rahm Emanuel, will continue the neocon-neoliberal agenda: more war, in fact endless war, and a continuation of the banker consolidation that will ultimately reduce the Democrat base and the rest of the country to third world status.

    So-called progressives and rank and file Democrats need to understand there is very little difference between the Bush neocons and the Obama neolibs — in fact, a look at the membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations and attendee lists of the Bilderberg meetings reveal a conspicuous crossover, not that you will read about it in the New York Times.

    Mr. Zunes holds out hope, however futile. The appointment of Rahm Emanuel to the post of chief of staff “does not necessarily mean that Obama as president will pursue nothing better than a Clintonesque center-right agenda. Someone with Obama’s intelligence, knowledge and leadership qualities need not be unduly restricted by the influence of his chief of staff as less able presidents have. At the same time, this shocking appointment of Emanuel is illustrative of the need for the progressive base that brought him to power to not celebrate too long and to refocus our energies into pushing hard to ensure that the change Obama promised is something we really can believe in.”

    Energies, unfortunately, all for naught as the base once again reveals a propensity to be fooled and diverted. Mr. Zunes and the progressives need to do some serious soul searching and realize they have no place in the Democrat party. First and foremost, they need to understand that the Democrat party is owned by the bankers and the corporatists. Second, they need to realize that Obama is nothing if not a front man for the international banking elite and he will not only pursue “a Clintonesque center-right agenda” (the center, right, or left has nothing to do with it) but will in fact surpass Clinton and, indeed, even George W. Bush.

    Progressives need to get off the Democrat bus and organize a new political party. If they take the Democrat rank and file with them that will truly serve a grand and stunning blow to the likes of Rahm Emanuel and the party leadership. Short of that, the Democrat bus is headed over a cliff into the globalist abyss.
  2. Progressives are Liberals who are afraid to call themselves liberal.

    Obama is going to go left. They feel this is what the people want.

    Now they want to rewrite exective orders to ban offshore drilling and allow stem research.
  3. But I thought it was, "the economy stupid"........LOL!