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  1. "consider the picture in the iron-ore business. The national output seems to be falling at an ungodly rate. It threaten the existence of the whole steel industry. Steel mills are shutting down all over the country.
    There's only one mining company that's lucky enough not to be effected by the general conditions. Its output seems to be plentiful and always available on schedule. But who gets the benefit of it? Nobody except its owner. Would you say that that's fair?

    It seems to me that national policy ought to be aimed at the objective of giving everybody a chance at his fair share of iron ore, with a view toward the preservation of the industry as a whole.

    "But I guess they aren't many people in Washington capable of understanding a PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL POLICY"

    Atlas Shrugged.

    Wake up you fucking fools who voted for OBAMA. All you idiots on ET who rise to the cause of this PROGRESSIVE SOCAIL ideas. All you fools who champion his cause and pound on your desk, yelling, It's not fair for others to have more success than I!

    And Wake up you fucking fools who tolerate such IDEAS! As we all watch the "Special" Committee formed to investigate Oil "SPECULATION", unfold before our eyes. Do you really think it will stop with OIL only?

    Half you clowns who claim to be Successful traders on this site, do you not understand that the PROGRESSIVE POLICY will also come for the very "instrument" you trade?
  2. Is the main concept of Atlas Shrugged like an intellectual strike?

    People won't do work because they don't want others to gain from their efforts?

    I always saw it as a way of justifying people doing what they want to do rather than an economic thing.

    Please can you elaborate your view.
  3. People are already on strike.... since 1968 apparently...

    Where do they go?

    They go to work for the GOVT...
  4. Why should you complain about Obama. We haven't had a president like him since Calvin Coolidge.
  5. Investment Banks Seek Supertankers for Contango Trade

    Morgan Stanley owns half of Heidmar Inc., a company that operates oil tankers on behalf of groups of owners. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. trades commodities through J. Aron & Co. Barclays Capital noted the potential for profit as early as November, saying in a report that traders could make “significant returns” by storing oil and copper.


    In the real world, with at least constant demand, all ya have to do to profit is take supply offline to run up the price.

    Who remembers the tankers parked off the coast back in 07-08?

    Another favorite:

  6. “make” money from creative efficiencies and new insights derived from objective reality to afford greater quality and quantity in life. To the villains, influence and control over human beings is their favored currency, and it sits beneath the veil of monetary wants. The difference between these two views of money illustrates a duality between two inclinations inherent to human nature—and their expressions toward what money represents."


    In other words, "FREE MARKETS" are far more moral for "Humanity" than the "Control" of them by the government. Enslavement of the people in the name of Equality, redistribution of Industry and wealth, destructive.

    The idea that Man can create Utopia by control of "Free Markets" is not only Evil but will bring about the destruction of "Industry" and those who take risk.

    Those who go on strike, do not go on strike per say. They leave to create a better way of life for them in the NEW ATLANTIS. They do not site on their ass, collecting union money or Unemployment while on strike. They take their ideas, their hard work, and their understanding of Free Markets to a far off land to restart their "Industry". They destroy their industry they left behind, they help speed up the process that the "COMMON GOOD" is pushing for, DESTRUCTION OF CAPITALISM.

    The very people, who voted for the COMMON GOOD end up reaching their goal. The Government destroy's all competition, destroys all profit drives and the people finally get what they wanted. They then find out they are left with destruction, no food, no industry, no jobs, they are left with nothing but broken down cities, railways, no commerce and they GOVERNMENT as the key provider.....who can not Live Up to What it said it would do.
    They end shows that most of the population will probably parish.

    All the while, the capitalist have found their way again, rebuilding.

    And fools who try and push "ENRON" as representing all of the "OIL INDUSTRY" or ENERGY INDUSTRY are the same fools who give up their freedoms, their rights and the same fools who suck of the Tits of the Government,...Parasites and Evil. These very same fools will parish in the long run.
  7. According the the IRS, the richest 3% of tax filers pay as much in Federal Income Taxes as the bottom 97%. Yet there are those who say the 'rich' don't pay their 'fair' share.

    also, according to the IRS, the poorest half of tax filers pay only 3% of the nation's personal income tax.


    The above facts show evidence what we are already a Socialist Nation. The hope and dreams for the US to reverse course is just that. The "FREE LOADERS" who are on the bottom 97% are rising in voting power.

    The very class warfare the PROGRESSIVE's speak about is here. The problem is, most are too damn stupid or not willing to see it.

    The only solution I see are for PRO-Capitalism states to fight the US FED GOV regulations, to break way from the Philosophy of the PROGRESSIVES, to raise their own Military, as in the TEXAS AIR GUARD and TEXAS NATIONAL GUARD, in order to defend the Hard Assets of those states if and when the US GOV tries to seize them.

    This isn't some wild idea or some rogue radical idea. STATES are already in the process of doing what I just wrote above.

    I think the best thing for this country is to allow those states who want to be PROGRESSIVE to do so, to raise their taxation, to make more rules against Industry, to create a COMMON GOOD for that state. And for those States who do not want to be PROGRESSIVE< like Texas> to create more commerce, lower their taxes, become more pro-business in the terms of Private Industry to harvest their Hard Assets like OIL, to create trading agreements with other states and to break away from FED CONTROL.

    This would allow Each person to decide where to live. If they champion PROGRESSIVE IDEAS, then move to the STATE of IL, NY, MA, CA, et all.

    However, keep the FED GOV in check but still pay a flat tax to fund the National Military and other items needed , but limit the funding.

    Either way the US will break up sooner or later, it's only inevitable.
  8. maxpi


    so... say I wake up, then what? Probably I'd learn to trade well and then find a place I actually wanted to live.. I'd move there probably... I'd take a beautiful woman with me too... I'd use facebook to raise the middle digit to the USA...
  9. The US is not a socialist country. Those are all percentages. The top 3% of Americans make $200k + . They also own more property and use more resources. Now, if you can afford to take up more space and use more materials and infrastructure, is it not fair to pay more taxes?

    The rich can afford it. Only one man gets to be the richest. Everybody else will complain about how he does not have enough money because they pay too many taxes.