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  1. What do you recomend that i buy? i will have a preogram as sheap as possible and still whit so many indicators as possible or maybee I should buy 2 programs?

  2. You really need to give more info about what you are looking for. Intraday Charting? End of day? Type of securities you want to track, any other requirements.
  3. You are right i want it for futures and intraday yes i tryed strategy runner its fine but it is not so many indicators that i like, the more the better so i can try for my self and bilt a strategy.

    Have tryed amibroker to, but i think i need somthing that is little more simple.

  4. QuoteTracker will do the trick - has tons of tech indicators. Works with various datafeeds and brokers. Software cost (if you want to register) is $5-$7 per month. Datafeed cost would depend on the one you select. If you use your broker, there is no charge. If you use a subscription datafeed, it would be whatever they charge (For RT futures it would be around $40 + exchange fees)

    Which broker are you currently using?
  5. im using global- futures and im very pleased with there service.

  6. QT does not currently support Global Futures, but we do support PATS and are about to do add Global, so you would be able to use them as the datafeed. You could then add IQFeed for backfill which would cost $20 per month. QuoteTracker will automatically handle symbol conversion for most symbols between IQFeed and PATS.

    If you want that particular setup, let me know and I can set it up for you before we release it to the public.
  7. thanks for your help.

  8. Is there any program for free or any page thats good one thing that is hard to find for example is a page there you can have an EMA for based on open and one based on close.

  9. etouch


    Do not be in hurry to purchase a software package.
    First thing is to define your own needs. Keep in mind exactly what you need our of soft.
    Take a look at to find our about trading software.
    Contact a vendor to ask question about the software features, tech support and money back guarantee.

    It is not a big deal if a program has 10000X built-in indicators and systems.

    Good luck!
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