Programs to interact w/ IB TWS API & place trades

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jtnet, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Hi I am a newb to IB and API and whole automated trading systems thing.

    Trying to create an automated system to trade thru the TW API.

    What is the best way to generate signals and have them automatically placed thru interactive broker's TWS? will WEATLH LABS and AMIBROKER do this? any other relatively easy ways to do this? I know their EXCEL sheet is one of them.
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    I recommend Amibroker.
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    i am already semi-familiar with WEALTHLABS, but u have to pay for an extra feed or somthing is that true?

    i also have Esignal data
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    i'm not that good of a programmer. =(
    i can figure out syntax and stuff like that thru examples, and if, while statements. but make my own program?, no
  6. RightEdge ( will let you do this. We are planning on releasing Beta 3 this weekend which will have support for broker functions through TWS. Of course there may be some rough edges in the functionality but we'd welcome you helping us find them :)
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    does anyone know if wealth labs interfaces with IB TWS?

    i know u have to pay for an IB data feed to wealth labs right? can i use my esig feed?
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  9. This one is amusing.

    Instead of using the API...
    They circumvent it by controlling TWS with keystrokes and mouse clicks.

    That is a very primitive approach...
    And IF it contravenes any IB rules...
    It would not be hard to detect...
    And IB might hit you with back charges... and probably close your account.

    The Party Poker client is intelligent enough...
    To usually detect this kind of "automation"...
    And if detected... Party Poker just confiscates your account.
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