Programming + Trading = career path ?

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  1. Hello,

    I have been trading and trying to make my own models for over 2 years now but feel I need to add something to my tool box to fall back on and/or improve my chances of working in the trading field (I don't want to go the broker/salesman route).

    Can any of you tell me if there is a demand for programmers in the trading field ? If so what are the languages that are in most demand ? Are there any exclusive softwares used in the finance world ?

    Any feedback from programmers or folks in the field is greatly appreciated . . .

  2. you are ahead of 90% of your competition. wish i had taken programming. :(
  3. definitely there is demand... especially using C++, perl and if you really want to put yourself over the top, learn FIX as well... Financial Information Exchange...

    you'll get hired ASAP if you have all of the above.
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  5. There will always be (for the foreseeable future) an ongoing demand in finance for talented individuals who love the markets and whose skill set includes (and is not limited to) strong programming experience or training.

    Take a look at current "developer" and similar jobs listed, say, here:

    and you'll have a good idea of what specific competencies, skills and languages will make you very marketable in this industry. Good luck in 2007.
  6. You might have to move to a place where such job opportunities exist.

    Alternatively you could develop your own trading methods and work whatever job that you want, or not work at all if you don't want to work.

    The things that you desire are likely within yourself.
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    Do you like curry and hummus? I don't care how good of a programmer you are or become, you'll be rubbing shoulders all day long with Sangeetaa and Ramesh in the coding pool. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you. (There isn't)

    Besides, its becoming much easier for big firms to ship out the grunt work of coding to offshore resources. Lets see, I'm an IT Manager and I'm about to begin a very large, multi-year custom software development project for my trading firm. A very good, skilled and experienced American Software Engineer is about 110k-125k, plus all the benefits, vacation times, etc... But, BangaSys can give me 5 to ten of similarly skilled, experienced engineers for about the same price.

    So, if you like IT, and you like trading, try to become an IT manager, project manager, or the likes, you'll stay employed much longer and of course become much more employable in the future. Remember, Baanta Singh in Bangalore will work 13-14 hours a day, every day because he has to feed his family. Joe coder in the US wants to leave the office by 5:00pm so he can catch deal or no deal on tv.

    Just my humble opinion of course

  8. While that is the only that scares me of the programming field . . .

    I have to ask you - is this your saying out of first hand experience or is this just your perception ??

    While I think that might be true for most applications ( they can be done overseas for cheaper), I also think that most finance companies would like to keep their proprietary projects/models secret and done in house.

    I would like more input on this issue . . . is the trend to outsource in finance programming also ?
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    Buddy, my comments come from first hand experience.

    Let me tell ya this much, if you really like to code, and are pretty good at it, why would I hire you? You have no experience at any firm, no track record of success, no referrals from piers or managers. You say you read a few books on C++, coded up a few apps on your own, maybe even did some johnny boy web developement for your blog. Again, why should I hire you, and really, how much do you want me to pay you?

    Dude, if your trading full time now and not making the kind of coin you want, you need to pull out all the stops and make it start working. Otherwise, you'll be starting at the very bottom in the IT world, that is , even if you are lucky enough to get hired. Personally, I'd probably shred your resume unless you were my wife's nefew or cousin.

    Good luck
  10. Rhino - i bet he can get a job... maybe not at 125k but still

    go to, look up C++ and trading

    tons of jobs.
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