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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dcunited, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Has anyone out there ever obtained quote data from an exchange and have it filtered into their own quote program? I'm thinking about writing a program (read:hiring someone to write) which would analyse price data, but not sure whether an api for an existing quote provider would do the trick, so I'm looking into creating my own platform for quotes to eliminate the need for an api.

    Thanks for any info, as you can tell I'm not that programming savy, just a lowly, slow trader.
  2. Hi. I have used two feeds this year. I also started programming an app in visual C++ in april this year, with the intent of automating a stragedy I have.
    I was using MyTrack API - and completed implementation to them last month.
    The quotes were fast, but the API is not recommended for a newbie programmer (I had to get outside help!). The support also stinks (there is a forum, but not helpful).
    Last month, Track came along to say they are no longer supporting API for non account customers. (trading account). (thier new policy is $99 api charge, if you dont trade with them. Used to be $25 a month).
    Well, I quit them (my personal opionion is their business is poor).
    I now use IQFeed.
    It only took me one month to program with them (SOCKET TCP interface), and I am happy with them, so far. I now get streaming quotes, with no lag (although I need to test them more). Their fee is not much. So, IQ seems to be a good candidate for you. Only problem I have with them is connecting / disconnecting is flaky - really poorly done, but they say this will change by year end (i do connect every time, and connection is stable, but the programming of it is poor on thier part).
    Hope this helps. Please let me know of your experiences, as this is exciting to me.
    Also, if anyone else can tell of other API they use out there, I would love to hear about them, as I will need backup source (or primary and move IQ to backup). IT seems to me there are not alot to choose from - is this anyone elses observation (only esignal left for me to try, and I heard they stink).
  3. IMHO you would be way ahead of the game and save a lot of time programming if you used QuoteTracker. QT is a well-supported FREE quote interface. It has two big advantages in that QT already knows how to talk to a great many real-time data sources and it is very easy to interface with your program.

    So even if you changed from IB real time quotes to IQfeed to myTrack, etc, you would not need to change anything on your end - just select the QT source and you are up. You communicate with QT through URL calls to the local server. The link below details this. If you need super fast quote updates, this may not work for you. Just ask Jerry about your application and he can probably tell you how well it will work.