programming language designed for trading?

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  1. Hi folks, I'm new to this board and am interested in learning what programming languages are out there designed specifically for trading (domain specific language).

    Most of the algo/strat systems seem to have APIs in C#/Java/C++/etc. I am looking for something similar to EasyLangauge.

    Since part of my interest is academic, I'm not so concerned about execution speeds, commission rates, etc. I am interested in how expressive the language is. In other words, how easily, realistically and completely can I describe my trading/back-testing ideas.

    Is the language only good for setting simple filters (like the "where" clause of an SQL statement), can it be used to generate orders, can it be used to monitor orders once they are open in the market, can I describe the execution strategy (VWAP/VP/etc.), and so on.

  2. Check out Trader's Studio by Murray Ruggieri.
    The realtime version is not complete yet, but the EOD version has a powerful, but easy to learn scripting language.
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  4. Amibroker - AFL
  5. Thanks folks.

    Munk, as far as I can tell, Openquant is just a C# api (using call back methods to deliver events).

    Syswizard, folks seem to have very little information about their language. I suppose they'll have more when it is complete.

    Psytrade, I see the language, but dont' know what to make of it :) I'll have to find some larger examples.

  6. if you want a compiled programming language similar to EasyLanguage, your best option is Delphi.

    However, I would recommend starting with C++, it's fast and most of the APIs are java / C++, the ones that I'm aware of IB and Genesis, you can only use C++ or Java, however I could be wrong about this.

    If your goal is to write a program to run through data then delphi would be perfect, howver if you have plans of using it to route orders then you're going to have a headache getting the job done. I know that there's a component out there for Delphi users who want to program the IB, but that's the only component I know.
  7. Anyone here usng Python?
  8. Sky123987,

    My day job is Java programming for financial firms, and soon I'll be writing to the Genesis API.

    I am looking for, what is often called, "domain specific langauge" for the trading environment. It looks like EasyLanguage is the most well thought out.
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  10. You are somewhat confused. Easylanguage cannot "stand alone" as a programming need either the TS2000i platform or the TS8 network-based platform to use it.
    But you are correct in terms of it's was designed for trading whereas Java, Basic, C#, etc. are all "dumb" in that regard. Actually, someone is rewriting all of the Easy Language functionality into C# for dot-net which can stand alone without any particular platform.
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