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  1. I'm posting this as a favor to someone that works in my building. If anyone is interested and contacts Peggy, just mention that you heard about this from Jason Braswell:

    Hudson Capital Group, LLC (HCG) began proprietary trading energy derivatives at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in 1993. The firm has expanded to include NYMEX-cleared over-the-counter (OTC) risk management products, and investment management products. The firm currently trades all NYMEX energy products.

    Masters Degree, Ph.D. candidate, or Ph.D. degree in finance.

    Position description
    The Manager of Electronic Trading is middle-level position at Hudson Capital Group, a growing firm based at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Job responsibility is to manage trading integrations using proprietary software that combines data and technical indicators from various sources. Candidate should be self-motivated, and will be working directly with the principals of the company in development and implement of products. Necessary skill set includes Trading Technologies, VB.NET, VBA, and advanced Excel. Must have business experience, and knowledge of markets and financial data series.

    Additional information
    Location: New York, NY, United States
    Percentage travel: No Travel
    Hours: 50 (M-F)
    Openings available: 1
    Salary range: Pay commensurate with experience and education
    Benefits: Single health insurance

    Contact information
    One North End Avenue
    Suite 904
    New York, NY 10282
    United States
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    Thanks I just emailed the contact. Hope to hear from her. Does the firm offer any trading positions?
  3. thn, I believe so, but they usually bring people on in other capacities first, e.g., they'll hire a smart office manager, and if he works out, they'll start throwing him options books.

    So, I'm sure if you work out in this capacity, there's no reason why you couldn't start trading with them. They're a pretty heady group, as I understand it.

  4. Where have you worked?
  5. So did you guys hear anything?
  6. BTW, regarding education, the degree can be in finance, computer science, or 'a related field.'
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    I don't have MS or PHD...but can be a good Mentor to the smart ones!