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  1. Hi,

    Just want to know which language I need to learn to program my robot in MetaTrader.

    Thanks everyone,
  2. I'd start with MQL.
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    Meta trader is just a wasting time. Learn Ninja and C#
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    Meta trader has its own language. You can learn mql4 or mql5. Most forex brokers use mt4 with mql4 robots. I learned mql5 to trade futures. It is an easy language to learn and build robots as long as you execute a few orders a day and don't rely on low latency executions.
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    Is Ninja trader free to program and run robots?
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    MT also not for free. The price included into commission.

    C# can be used in most of all platform. And out of box. C# is a top 3 popular language.huge and tons samples and docs. Mql only in meta trader. Just wasting a time.
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    NinjaTrader is free for charting, automated strategy development and trade simulation. To trade with a funded brokerage account you muse purchase a license. One exception is that NinjaTrader Brokerage does offer a free version with a funded account.
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    MT is free at least for me. You pay commission or spreads at any platform.
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    On forex you have double commission. One for MT one for spread.

    Btw MT is only forex. MT 5 is a fail product. So mql can show only currency market. C# all the markets.
  10. Thanks !
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