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  1. garachen


    Mid to high frequency trading company looking for a programmer who can push latency below 20 micros.

    We have several functioning strategies at our current speed and have spent the last several months connecting to new exchanges. We connect directly to CME, ICE, CFE, eSpeed, BrokerTec, Arca, Bats. Looking for a Linux/C/C++ guru who can lower our latency the last bit and who has a thorough understanding of multicast fees.

    Full time. California.

    Salary range: 110 - 200K depending on how good you are

    PM me if interested.
  2. Uh....I would "up" the compensation if I were you....
    you're like asking for a brain surgeon who has expertise in repairing the cranial cavities of newborns.

    Get real...Oh wait, I see you are from California.
    Never mind.
    No Hope.
  3. bruce436


    attention all computer gurus ..........please PM me how to UNINSTALL WINDOW 8..........PURE GARBAGE........short MSFT
  4. Great salary.

    I mean, you mean monthly, right? That is a great salary. You definitly find someone - possibly best of the best.

    If not...
    ...whow, you just endanger my health with all the laughing.

    That is very specialized work. And that is "max 200.000, no Bonus".


    Maybe you better hang that up at the local McDonalds.
  5. You have 0% chance at a job like this so you try to put it down. Sour grapes my friend. Obviously, you are just another faker with no money and no connections to the business. Keep living in fantasy land pretending to be a big man while in reality trying to double your money a few times to get above PDT restrictions lol.

  6. I ain't no Guru, So I just re-formatted - and I did it very quickly lol
  7. I did not ask for the job. Among any other things the locality is a no-go for me to start with. Not even US based and no interest to come permanently live in a country that treats the largest percentage of people living there as criminals ever.

    My last offer was the equivalent of - hm - 180.000 for data warehouse work and that is where people are available. This - seriously - goes into the territory where you are going to have to HUNT for people. Kernel driver optimization. Not my area of interest or expertise. Seriously, for this type of work you likely talk to 100 people maximum worldwide that really know those stuff.

    You obviously must not pay a million, but really, your offer makes no sense per year.

    But lalala funny wages wont get you a magical specialist and have him stay the moment he realizes how you screw him.
  8. I'd have to agree with NetTecture. I was really surprised at the low salary and unprofessionalism of posting a job in such a manner on ET...heck...not many hardcore programmers even hang out here.
  9. There are plenty of coders out there who want a shot at HFT work.

    And so, a lot of competition for these jobs.

    110K - 200K is about market, tragically.

    Good luck garachen.
  10. Yes, there are. For example, I would LOVE to try something out, but not on that plat form and location.

    AND: I would NEVER apply for that job because I lack the particular skillset. Any coder who wants to give it a shot and then is taken speaks for idiots on both sides. You need to have DONE That to DO it. He is not asking for a position in his team, but someone to make things bigger all the people that "want to give it a try" already failed to do.

    Yes, the market is not that good for people without skills that want to give it a try.

    But that is not what he is looking for.
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