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    look a programming forum. adapt or die
  2. To help make the adaption easier, you guys can ask programming questions on this forum and we will attempt to help you with code snippets, advice, info or whatever it is that you need.
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    Hi Modulus,

    Can you list the languages in which you are proficient. Are you any good with Tradelink?
  4. We're proficient in Assembly, C, C++, C#, F#, Java, VB, FoxPro and just about everything else. Most of us at Modulus have been developing trading software for 15 to 20 years.

    We do not use nor do we recommend TradeLink or any other trading application. At Modulus, our software is built from the ground up and we do not depend on proprietary platforms. That is the theme of this forum by the way.

    But with that said, we can put you in touch with developers who may be familiar with that product. Just drop us an email.
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    Are you able to answer questions about spreadsheet programming for trading? TIA.
  6. That'd be fine so long as it strictly relates to the VB code and not Excel.
  7. How about a thread on F#? The good the bad and the ugly for trading kind of thing...
    I know I'm going to get into it eventually if just out of intellectual curiosity.
  8. Sure! F# is a programming language.
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    from what I saw of f# it looks like a spin off of ocaml. Or maybe its a ML dialect. I spent some time with ocaml (couple years) and like its syntax over the other functional languages (haskel, lisp, erlang). The only problem with these languages is that there is not a lot of libraries/info. so you end up with smarter people but they are reinventing the wheel. As an example, anyone can grab some java jars and put together a nice app without really knowing what they are doing.
  10. Ohh I'm sorry, it was a request for you to make a thread on it as it relates to trading :)
    Rereading what I wrote does sound like a really dumb question if F# would be ok in the sub forum.

    It would seem to me the functional languages would make alot more sense naturally for programming trading systems but live in an object orientated world so that path seems alien.

    I've always wanted to try to learn Lisp to see how it would be to program a system but the unreality of ever bringing a system online with Lisp has kept me away. F# seems like real world Lisp, but lisp/scheme is the only functional language I'm familiar with.
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