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  1. I was talking with a trader friend this weekend and he suggested that I write a book for traders who want to learn how to program their own back-tests and trading systems, etc.

    I’ve been programming (mainly for investment banks) professionally for 20 years and trading part-time for five years. I also co-authored a Microsoft Press book on programming in the late 90’s.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody on this group has any opinions on whether there would be enough demand for such a book?

    I’m thinking of aiming the book at the complete programming novice. Somebody that’s never programmed before but wants to gain an understanding of what’s involved before stepping up to the more serious programming resources. Of course, all of the examples and context of the book would be aimed at trading-specific solutions.

    What do you think?

  2. Anything that promises a buyer of your book to make easy money will do.

    If you want an example, search ET for Jack. (He's not in backtesting, but it will give you the flavor).

    Between us, if you really know how to make money, with or without backtesting, don't bother with writing bookies. Simply keep on making decent money in the market(s).

  3. EricP


    I think that this sort of book would be extremely useful for some traders.

    However, I suspect that the total number of potential traders interested would be too small to warrant the effort, IMO. You have to think about your total book sales required to make it worth your time... I suspect that the highest upside for such a book might be 5000 copies, and 500-2000 in sales is more realistic. For that sort of sales volume, it would likely not be worth your time, IMO.


    Edit: I agree with nononsense. You are much better off financially by simply spending your time testing and trading for yourself.
  4. whoodi


    How ironic, I just logged on to make a start a thread on how to get started with progaming. I think this book would sell. If your serious about trading and have strategies that work I think people will buy.

    I have been learning to trade for the last 2 years. I have strategies that work but I am not always able to execute trades because I have a full time job. I do pretty well when you take that into account.

    If you write you book I promise I'll buy but in the mean time could you post or pm me some advice on where to star.
  5. Hi whoodi,

    Just to clear up one thing, I'm not talking about writing a book, which includes my own trading strategies. I'm a big believer that everybody should develop their own strategies.

    Rather, I’m playing with the idea of writing a book, which would teach other traders how to develop their own back-testing and trading software using a commercial programming language and database system. Having the ability to develop your own software enables you try out any number of theories and strategies, including theories, which can’t necessarily be back-tested using software such as TradeStation and AmiBroker, etc.

    For your immediate requirements, I’m not aware of any books or web sites, which cater specifically for traders learning to program (hence my original request!), however, this beginners programming book appears to have some good feedback.

    Hope that helps.

  6. rosy


    here's a framework

    as far as programming for personal use, understand what a variable is
    understand conditionals
    know what an array/hashtable
  7. GS19


    A Fantastic Idea, just what I need
  8. An excellent idea! I would purchase a few copies for fellow traders and clients.
  9. GS19


    AmiBroker provides a very nice programming environment at low cost yo the user.

    Also Include Trading Examples.
  10. Arold, I think that's excatly what's needed. Too many books focus on trading OR technology. Very few books bridge the two.

    There's this one...

    But that's one of the few.

    You might want to target Apress as a publisher. They just release a book along a similiar tangent.

    I haven't gotten it yet, but it seems more "backroom" processing. (ie. not really trading).

    Good luck.
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