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    I have been a manual independent trader since 1999 but have little to no programming experience. I am curious if there is a software out there that would allow ME to program my trading ideas, backtest and live trade all in one system? Understand that I am completely and 100% an idiot when it comes to programming.
    What i would like to find is something that would allow for drop downs to easily identify various perimeters and test strategies using tick data.
    Would greatly appreciate any information or just a simple "not possible" if I am crazy. Thanks
  2. Ninjatrader is one thats has a wysiwyg for that sort of thing....
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    Does ninjatrader allow you to backtest as many symbols as you would like or is it limited? Anyone know if it produces reliable results?
  4. There is no limit imposed on how many symbols you can backtest. Depending on whether or not your question is "how many symbols can I test AT ONCE?", then there may be performance issues (like any software) ... but this will also be down to hardware as much as to software.

    And NinjaTrader is free if you are just using it to backtest (i.e. you only pay if you use it to trade live)

    NinjaTrader produces very reliable backtest/optimization results if used properly. But - like any software - it won't protect you if you aren't careful in your approach. Like any software ... garbage in --> garbage out ...
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    I'm surprised to read this recommendation. Does it supply similar backtesting opportunities, or even programming as Amibroker ?

    Besides what abt the new Tradestation software, it seems to offer some backtesting opportunities

    Also what abt Amibroker for programming noobs ?
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    I don't know why programmers don't start a thread and set out their terms and conditions for testing etc.
  8. Because most of you would not pay what a decent programmer asks for.

    My rate for long term work (i.e. contracts for MONTHS at a time - not "3 days" but "3 months full time 8 hours per day" starts at 100USD per hour. This includes ALL planning and talking to the customer that he has to pay. Generally I do not take any work that is not at least 3 months without surcharge. Mostly when taking to people that want programming in the trading area from places like here, the budget is blown before the initial meeting is over.

    Now, you may cry about that is high. Well, just taking off of a 5 month contract, before that it was 18 months even for an even higher rate.

    Decent professional programmers don't really care ;)
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    Well, hopefully you don't have a family to feed - too much attitude and not enough income.
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    Snide apart I do wonder sometimes what programmers with good understanding in those fields make - I actually suspected hedge funds and big investment banks to pay them better than 100usd/hr

    It's fairly easy out here to get much cheaper programmers but I wouldn't trust them in trading system delelopment. Yet backtesting through amibroker or a similar software might be easy enough, even for an IT trainee to manage.

    Is it ?
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