Programmers think they are like 007

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  1. "Mr Bond, your reputation precedes you"

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    because my reputation is good

    On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 2:38 PM, I wrote:

    How do I know you will code the ea completely&correctly after

    Coder wrote:
    sorry, but my policy is that I can start working after full advancepayment

    On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 6:36 AM, I wrote:
    > The price is ok. Please proceed to code the EA and I will
    > pay you when I have tested the EA to be working correctly.
  2. You could try:

    a) advance 25%
    b) further 25% payable once developer delivers code to you
    c) final 50% deliverable once you agree that code has been delivered in accordance with your original written specification of what you wanted
  3. slacker


  4. So I will be paying 50% for an attempt to do a cohort of students/interns assigned by some prof or IT boss to generate cash flow? Think not
  5. Any fees for using this and who decides the job is done correctly?
  6. Ah, I see; you don't have any idea whether the developer is up to the job or not ...

    In that case, ask for a list of people/organisations for who the developer has done similar assignments, so that you can check their "reputation".

    Once you see the list, make an initial judgment as to whether the developer is credible or not, and then decide whether to follow up some of the references.

    If you follow up references, and feel they are credible, you should be in a better position to judge whether this individual will deliver ...
  7. Good suggestion. Hope that name list is not from the same class of interns/students refering to each other or for their prof/boss:p
  8. IMHO, EA coders are not generally representative of "good" programmers. I see your friend also has his capitalization and punctuation down, and is a master typist.
  9. other option is to start him on something small, and then build from it when you verify his work.
  10. in the feedback section of this forum I've suggested/requested a algo/formula section. I'd appreciate comments on this.

    I can speak from experience, i have farmed out my coding work for years now, I've had scores of different formulas done by other parties.
    Often there will be errors, very frequently you will require the formula to be altered or tweaked as it doesn't work out quite as you'd hope in terms of results.

    The best thing to do is learn to code yourself, but depending on your skills and software etc, this can be a very steep learning curve and very time consuming.

    If I had to go through this exercise again, I would request the coder to explain how the formula works so that you can learn from it as you go along.
    That way as well you can tweak it as you'll know what and how to tweak and not only pay for the formula work but simultaneously pay for tuition.
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