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  1. Tcbjx9


    Is there a program to convert efs to eld? or someone who can do this?
  2. rosy2


    whats an efs and eld? someone might be able to churn this out quickly
  3. EFS = eSignal extention for scripts and indicators

    ELD = Trade station code sharing file extention

    CajunSniper / Geoff
  4. I would guess it's highly unlikely there is an existing solution.

    Though, if I may piggy-back on your thread, if anyone has developed a BNF for EasyLanguage, I'd be interested in seeing it! I'm sure there is one floating around as there are several other products that support EasyLanguage.

    A source-to-source compiler/conversion tool would also need a BNF for EFS but this is an extended version of Javascript so grammars are presumably readily available:

    Good luck with your search. A manual conversion is always a possibiity by someone that is familiar with both languages.
  5. I know one guy from forum who definetely can do this, his nick is "TheRumpledOne" or "TRO", you can aslo find some posts from him on elitetrader forum under same nick "TheRumpledOne"