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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Don Bright, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. (Didn't know which thread to use, decided to try this and programming, LOL).

    OK, I thought I would poll my friends here on ET. We're looking for a good programmer who can help us with some unfinished and new projects. Possible intern, equity stake of programs being developed. No "salary" to begin with, but trade off of a great work program within the organization.

    Prefer to re-locate to Vancouver area, but remote possible. Brand new opportunity, send me PM's please. If not you, friends? Recent grads looking to learn how to trade? Open to discuss anything.

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  2. Don,

    If you need experience and competence - no payment and a maybe isn't very attractive to those with real ability.

    I, for one, am surprised at your interest in programming. At a trade show some years ago you told me and I still remember the exact quote - "No software can help anbody trade or learn to trade."

    A shocking statement especially from one in an industry which has suffered such declines in recent years all becacuse of its inability to compete with software driven systems.

    Besides myself, I have several on my staff who are experienced in most platforms and languages including the FIX protocol.

  3. Kariagin


    Hi Don,

    please let me know if you would change your mind and would rather switch to a professional software development backup for your initiatives.