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  1. I have to sort an API for the IB TWS, it has to execute automatically from the excel sheet, I am not available to press execution buttons. I am not a programmer and have no intellectual curosity for it. Can anyone recommend a competent firm or individual? Or any advice on what to look out for in approaching this task? Thank you for any help
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    I run a financial risk management software company in Berkeley, California and have some programmers proficient in Java and Excel, myself included. We're a young firm and always eager to get involved in projects, so if you're looking for a small shop you can work closely with, let me know. If you're looking for something local to the New York area, a friend of mine has an algorithmic trading startup there, so he might be able to help as well.
  3. are you looking for something VBA based (i.e. strictly excel) or redoing the entire thing in some other language?
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  5. The first issue is the STA architecture of Excel. That limits it's ability to multitask efficiently. However, for small sets of symbols, it can do the job if properly designed. (STA=Single Threaded Architecture).

    Also, you are aware that Excel is not a trading platform per se, but only a tool with a spreadsheet storage capability. There is a lot logic and code involved in creating bar data from tick data and also plotting it. Also, you've got the issues of bullet-proofing the code to avoid any potential of major losses when TWS goes down or loses connectivity.
    Finally, there's the logic of your trading model and the coding necessary to allow it to be tweaked or configured.
    Lots to consider here.