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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by soler, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. soler


    I'm looking for someone to write me an algo.

    I have something very specific in mind
    which incorporates time / sales and
    bollinger bands.

    Can anyone help?
    PM me if u wish to discuss fees.

  2. kxvid


    what language?
  3. You will be far better off if you subscribe to a service like eSignal and learn to code in their language. If you think that's hard, hire someone to teach you. Then your ideas remain your own and you have the facility to test new ideas without paying anyone else.
  4. Yeah, get specific: Which broker ? Which platform ? What language ? What time-frame ?
    It's still the wild, wild west out there are far as retail algo trading. You've got Interactive Broker's API, Tradestation's Easy Language, Genesis Laser API, Sterling's API, Ninja Trader which is dot-net based. Each have strengths and weaknesses. Some are tied to proprietary data feeds, others are not. It's totally crazy out there right now.
  5. gkishot


    MBTrading API.
  6. Let me know how if you still need it done; sounds pretty easy....I can put you in touch with some programmers depending on the language you desire.
  7. To soler:

    What syswizard said is true. TickZOOM takes a different approach as a custom trading system developer. Rather than use 3rd party systems which suffer both from limitations of closed source code and automated trading issues, TickZOOM built its own platform in-house for historical and automated trading.

    So far, hedge funds and other large traders like TickZOOM since they can have it customized how they really need it to work rather than suffer the limitations of off-the-shelf products which have closed source and cannot be customized.

    Whatever indicators you have will be easy to convert or if you want a strategy developed from ground up based on your idea. We can discuss doing it or better yet a certified TickZOOM developer who's been developing systems for over 10 years on a variety of platforms.

    Either way you get a reliable automated trading system.

  8. To Wayne or any other Freelance Programmers. Looking for a programmer for IB API or Amibroker. Program must be able to buy on certain buy criteria, (MACD, Stochastic, volume, must not gap up/down by a certain percentage, time of day). Immediate sell triggers include a stop loss to be placed and for a sale at the end of the day if volume isn't achieved.

    Please PM me to discuss further.
  9. aa33902


    I have several years' experience developing trading systems/strategies. Would like to cooperate with you. I am in China / Hong Kong. My email address:
  10. Ganamide


    I use both Amibroker and IB, and I have 10 years professional software engineering experience using a variety of advanced and scripting languages, and several years experience developing trading systems during my free time.

    The system you described can be developed, backtested, and optimized fairly quickly in AmiBroker. I can also develop custom indicators for AmiBroker to help you analyze your trading system's entry/exit signals.

    Please send me a private message if you are interested in procuring my services.

    Thank You,
    Chris Matuszewski
    #10     Aug 2, 2009