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  1. I am looking for a quality programmer/web developer to help create a site to market my trading method.

    For those with experience with marketing a trading method, I would also be open to a shared partnership to co-develop the site with either an individual or established firm.

    Some background for those interested ... I have been trading a method I developed for a little over two years with success but would like to take it to the next level and market the signals. The method works on any market but I mainly trade stocks and options. It has a good performance record even in this market as it takes both long and short positions. And I have been trading the system with real money, not one of those back-test only systems.

    I have coded some internal tools that scan my stock database and produce nightly signal sheets from which I trade. The scan output includes the required signal fields such as entry price, target prices, stop price, and other bias readings.

    Beyond the general web site features, the main task is to take my signal sheet and display the formatted table to subscribers.

    Although I can code, web site development is not my speciality as my background is in embedded systems. Thus my inquiry for a web developer. I tried some of the online coding sites, but their talent lacks experience with trading concepts. And I would rather co-develop the site with someone with equal interests.

    Please send me a private message if you're interested and we can discuss the project in greater depth.
  2. use or much cheaper (international) and a wide array of skills.
  3. Just some more tips.
    It sounds like you should be looking for someone with fairly strong PHP scripting skills, database skill (MySQL) and some dynamic graphical package skills... If it was me - I would combine a database or just plain XML files from datasource, and then use Flash to present the graphics. You need the database for registered users etc, but can also use it for the data itself - but as I said, you can just have it as CSV or XML as well.

    You should find plenty good programmers at online sites - a lot cheaper for you as well. Just find someone who is a good communicator - which will make it easier for you to work together. It will help the programmer a LOT if you have already produced the visual designs .. make some mockups of all the screens you want with Photoshop or something, with all functions etc - then simulate your "use of it" by going through the screens -- print them out or something to scribble on them... That will make the implementation so much faster. Then later you can go through the whole finished functional site with a more webdesign oriented guy - for user interface etc. Do it in two runs, because you really need the functionality and get it working first... prototype.

    Look into SCRUM project management technique.
    Use the free service or similar to manage your project - make sure everything (sourcecode, html, designs, documents etc) gets checked into SVN and via the Trac setup. Then you can keep debugging and following up the code through that management system... Get a book on SCRUM and Agile methods. That project support service will also make it easy for you to switch programmers, designers etc while developing or for further expansions.

    This way you reduce the risk of failing with your project.
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    Agree, you can also check out They do a good job of making sites (even though their own sucks) and link building for you.