Programmer needed: Experience with HFT and Co-locationserver installation/integration

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by msiper, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. msiper


    We are looking for seasoned programmer who has experience writing a HFT strategy in C# to an open source API. Must have experience in dealing with co-location server installation and integration. Preferably located on the east coast.
  2. gmst


    Doesn't make sense to write HFT infrastructure in C#. Why not C++? Good code in C++ is much faster than anything in C#.
  3. There's already a thread for this discussion. If I knew C# I'd give the man what he wants.
  4. gmst


    I am surprised that this is debatable. At least for HFT, I don't think C# stands a chance against C++. Can you please point me to that thread you talking about. Maybe I will learn something I am not able to see. Thanks.
  5. It's pointless and you won't learn a thing. It's the kind of thread where everyone argues how the one they use is clearly the best and all others suck.
  6. gmst


    At least the OP learnt something from this thread and posted a new thread calling for C++ skills. :D
  7. I can do this. Please PM ME