Programmer monthly rate (Java multithreading IB Platform)

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  1. How much will good programmer ask for a month worth of work? Not necessarily US based! What's the daily rate?

  2. Buxx


    you can check on
  3. I'm familiar w/ the IB API
  4. Great... shot me an email
  5. I got some offers.. .just want to benchmark ... also willing to consider new offers... thanks
  6. so far, I got three offers

    a) 7000
    b) 9000
    c) 15000

    for full time work... very wide distribution... I expected more consistency ;)
  7. Post your requirements on You will get lots of bids from all over the world and can see the kind of volume they do and an evaluation of their work.
  8. Depends - there is a wide area. But the range sounds good. Now you have to choose someone.
  9. Hiredesk,, etc. are some good resources.

    From personal experience I don't work with programmers that are also traders (or trading their own systems). WAY too much conflict of interest introduced that way.

    You can hire a full time year round programmer for (depending on whereyou live) around $50k-$65k. That's $1250/week or $5k/month. Seems like your estimates are VERY high.

    Also, don't know where you are located but winter break is coming up - do you have a college/university around? Do you have the ability to spread out the workload by hiring a college student?

    Just remember that once something is learned its not possible to "unlearn" or forget it. Individuals in the Gaming industry are usually pretty good bets. Usually they are smarter than they look and have zero finance experience.
  10. No, that translates to about 7500 to 10.000 per month for a monthly freelancer. No paid holidays, no reetirement etc. Freelancers alwaays earn more than payslaves ;)
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