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    Trade Ideas is interesting but it is too limited for my needs. I would like to have access to every stock on the market and be able to specify my own criteria without any time frame limitations or having to choose among limited options. Basically, I'm looking for a totally programmable real-time market scanner.

    If there isn't any product like this maybe I could settle for a programmable scanner that works locally only on a specified watchlist. I would like to be able to scan a watchlist of 300-400 stocks.


  2. Tradestation's Radar Screen

    Up to 2000 symbols real time very flexible code

    does not screen for fundamentals or news just price, volume and technical. Very customizable.

    I tried and did not like trade-ideas because I could never know how the code was working. It returns stocks that in my opinion it shouldn't according to what I expect, and misses others. It's too opaque. I dropped it.

    Others like wealth-lab but you need an account with Fidelity to get it.
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    Thanks Diamond Geezer.

    2000 symbols is amazing but have you actually tried using that many stocks and how fast was it ? Basically, tell me more about the speed if you can :)

    Does this scanner work locally or remotely ? In other words, do I have to download the data for the 2000 symbols I am running a scan on ?

    I've tried Wealth-Lab but it was pretty slow even for a very limited list (10-20 symbols).
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    Investor RT at With TrackData as your data source, you can scan intraday in real time with 700 symbols.

    Your watchlist on daily charts can be as large as you want it to be, but you will need to cut that down each day to 700 based on some criteria in order to scan intraday timeframes.

    For example, you might have 7000 symbols loaded in your database which are updated daily after market close. You will then scan that list with limiting criteria for your watch list the next day, which you can then track in real time with charts and quote pages. Regarding quote pages, think of an excel-type spreadsheet that you can program with indicators, and sort automatically in real time, with visual and sound alerts, etc.

    Let's say you want to track all 700 stocks on a 2 minute timeframe, sorting them based on the close of the last bar in relation to its close 2 bars ago. Or, you want to sort based on a technical indicator, or pivot point, or relation to previous daily data, or relation to market averages, or whatever. Just program a quote page column, then sort the page and ask it to update every few seconds. Might also want to color code the column based on levels of the indicator, and ask for a sound alert when levels are reached. Also might want to have it automatically open a chart that is set with reference lines and buttons you can press to initiate a trade. Etc. etc.

    As with any software, there is a learning curve, but the language is very easy and the effort is well worth it.
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    Thanks lindq.

    Investor/RT looks very interesing. I will look into it.
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    That's another good suggestion.

    Thanks sunsetisles.
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    Any other programmable real-time market scanners ?
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    What happened to First Alert?
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    Do you know their website ?
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