programmable FX platforms?

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    what FX platforms are programmable and not scamsters?

    I vaguely remember when I was researching automated trading and FX,
    after google came up with this list
    I did not recon any

    1) FapTurbo Results Ease-Of-Use Overall Rating Summary

    The Best!
    FapTurbo consistently out performed all other automated Forex products tested! Excellent
    Point and click. My Grandma could use it!

    Hands Down
    The Best Choice
    Performed better than all other software we tested. Very easy to use and setup as well, which was a BIG plus.

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    2) Forex Megadroid Results Ease-Of-Use Overall Rating Summary

    Very Good
    Good software product. If Fap Turbo didn't exist then this would be a close first choice. Good
    The layout of the software could have been better. A bit confusing
    Very Good

    It finds less errors than Regcure, but it works great anyway. Less user friendly than Regcure but still a good software, though.
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    3) LMT Forex Formula Results Ease-Of-Use Overall Rating Summary

    The results here were pretty good, but needed a bit more work to satisfy requirements. Very Good
    Very user-friendly, but you will need a bit more forex knowledge to be successful here

    Very user-friendly, but not as effective as FapTurbo or Forex Megadroid. This is still a great option.
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