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  1. Are there any programmable C# front ends that can be used as front end for TWS? As is I have to monitor manually that status of movement which is a PITA. I would rather automate that and have that produce alerts to start with. I know IB provides an API but that seems like a lot of work. Rather an existing front end that allows one to define rules like 'macd cross over below 0 and volume was greater' => beep, beep!

    This is my first post here.

    Thanks for any info that helps me proceed on my quest.
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    There is an alerts section in IB TWS and a market scanner. Not sure what they do.
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    People always want it easy. Create it yourself, it's not that hard. Taking a week to learn something isn't that bad.
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  4. Alerts are useful in some cases but can only be placed on price. One cannot set an alert for a case like 'macd cross over below zero and volume increased'. The scanners are not useful at all. I have my own scanner with 1200 or so stocks (eod) which I use for scanning eod. Then at trading time as is I have to keep watching a lot of windows to see where an opportunity arises. I want to automate that. Looking into the TWS API currently. Thank you for the response.
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  6. I am a coder and other things. Looking at different front ends first before creating one with the TWS API. Why reinvent the wheel as it were?
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    What you're asking doesn't seem to be IB specific as it is based on price action, and everyone sees the same price action. TradingView could probably do what you're asking, or close enough, and also it would be worth checking out Their scanner has a number of signal generators that may fit what you're after.

    It would only need to be IB specific if you needed to include your actual orders and positions into the mix. But for that I think coding your own would be the way to go. I've not seen any front ends for IB other than their own TWS.
  8. Thank you all for the responses. In the mean time I started to create a TWS API client and will combine it with what I already have being decision support on end of day quotes. With TWS I can go down to say 5 minutes/day which might improve the moment of entry.