Programing Excel to Exit trades

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    I'm currently using Laser and I see it has a feature to autotrade through Excel.

    HOW do I program this to exit with a $ value profit or loss. ?

    For example say I want it to execute a market order once -$500 or +$500 is reached.

    I suck with spreadsheets so please be as specific as possible OR refer me to a good site so I can learn.

    Ideally I would just like to hire someone to customize this and set it up for me.

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  3. Canadians don't know how to use Excel? :p

    I've nevr used Laser but my guess is that you just need to create macros in excel and then enable the DDE link from Laser.

    But it's probably best to call Genesis help line and ask.
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    Thanks bro and all the best to you :)
  5. VBA.
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    NOt really sure what you are asking. how to enter a trade from excel, or how to get excel to create an event when set conditions are met.

    P.S. If you get it working, drop me a line telling me what you think of the reliability and functionality. Thanks
  7. I looked into this and contacted Genesis tech support. The API to Excel is all controlled thru the workstation and it appears as though there is no easy way to determine which positions are open vs. those that have closed. The API to Excel provides for 3 separate sheets: quotes, orders, trades....thus, there is more work to this than meets the eye:
    1) Trades must be matched-up to determine if there is an open position
    2) The open trade entry price must be found.
    3) The open position profit/loss must be calculated on each new quote event. I'm assuming DDE is used to transmit the price.
    4) Any existing orders related to the open position must be cancelled right before the stop loss exit order is placed by Excel.

    The risk is trying to implement this functionality is that a new position may be opened inadvertantly. Also, Genesis tech support was not that knowledgeable about the Excel API at all.
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    One of the few excel system example IB is displaying in its API spreadsheet is doing exactly this.

    You can download it even if you don't have an account at IB. Go to the website, software, API, excel API for beginner, and down load the spreadsheet called "example for chapter ... "( there is only one spreadsheet available )

    Then when it's open, go to tools, macro, visual basic editor, modules and it's the example 1...
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    I use IB data as a backup, but it drives me crazy that they do not have a data field for the opening print (that I have noticed) and a few other things I would like.

    As for the original question, I would be wary about using excel to send orders as you get stuck DDE links often, and sending orders based on things like looping through open position's P&L or whatever to determine the action on it is pretty slow, depending on how many positions you have of course. I would like to see how others implement it. Not something you would want to just start up, and walk away from assuming your position will be closed our properly.. That being said, I have excel send up to 2,000 orders in every day, but I monitor it the whole time, and get more errors than I would like, mostly due to stuck/wrong data.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I do appreciate it.

    It really seems like a simple thing that I want done but I can't believe what a pain in the butt it's been so far.

    btw, I only have 2-3 positions on at a time and I don't get why the platform can calculate the open PnL and why excel just can't use that figure per open trade?
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