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  1. I am looking for a programer that can convert my program from efs on e signal to a self contained system. I use charts that use a efs formula to buy stocks through IB. I would like to do away with the charts and make this work just off of data from esignal. Please contact me through my email
  2. harmless


    I used a programmer who screwed me

    and even released code on the net

    luckily it wasn't working long term anyway

    heed these words
  3. Sorry to hear that. How can one prevent this kind of shit from happening?
  4. Trusting some programmer with trading models and code?

    Would rather cut my own throat

    If there is a way i would like to hear it, thanks
  5. just21


    You could make it work off data from IB using the API and completely skip esignal.
  6. hiring a programmer to implement a trading strategy is no different from hiring a programmer to implement any proprietary intellectual property (for example a new graphics rendering application).

    harmless: you should have protected yourself like any other employer/business contracting a person to do specific work, using NDAs and contracts, such has been the practice when doing business for ages. otherwise you are inviting trouble like buying a used car with cash only and no assurance of what you are paying for.
  7. wj,

    do you have an example or can you draw from experience to support your statement ? thanks.

    it seems to me that in the realm of financial trading there are intangibles that cannot be protected with NDA's and the like...the only thing a contract would do is stop this person(s) from marketing your work, if that...
  8. iv contracted to do r&d on proprietary software in the past. obviously ndas and contracts prevented me from releasing code or using IP myself like in harmless' example.

    my point was mainly if you dont protect yourself legally, you can be screwed over in any business transactions, not limited to hiring a programmer for financial software development.

    im not basing this on experience since iv never screwed over anyone who has hired me :D so i don't know the exact legal limits of specific contracts etc.

    i believe financial trading software, ideas and algorithms in the finance arena are analogous to many other industries. take image processing and generation, it shares many things in common with financial analysis such as signal processing, pattern recog etc. private projects would include the same mix of public domain algorithms and private edge's. protecting your IP in that realm would be a very similar situation to trader's, and businesses manage to.
  9. wj

    How can one prove that a receiving Party is breaking a NDA agreement (example using ones strategy for his/her personal trading)?

  10. ahh yes. there obviously is no way to prove that. same as there would be no way for my previous non-trading related employers to prove i am using private IP from past contracts for my own benefit. i guess you just have to trust in the professionalism of the people you hire as is with everything.

    i think they had a solution in the movie 'paycheque'. but we are a few years from that. :)
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