Program your own software??

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  1. Does anyone know of a program that is downloadable or even for purchase that you can enter specific things to find and then plug into public information somehow to give back your results?

    I am aware of several cookie-cutter screeners and sifters but none that have the specific information I want to use. . .

  2. How is this related to "Program your own software"?
  3. The explanation lacks clarity. What do you actually want?
  4. Hmmm...

    I thought it was pretty clear. I want to download some software that I can program to screen stocks. I want to take someone's software and add my own search criteria. I do not want to make software from scratch, yet I want to program in my pieces of information I seek in a stock and be able to sift thru the entire market in seconds.

    Basically I want to do what CNBC, MARKETWATCH, and many many other sites offer but I want to plug in my own personal specs.

    I'm afraid I can't make it more simple than that.

    So, this must exist somewhere and I do not yet know about it. . .

  5. Well, on the free and simple side is yahoo, where you can search based upon price, dividends, eps, etc.

    On the more expensive side is something like ($60/mo). It has dozens of pre-built pattern recognition systems (breakout of channel, MA crossover, etc) and will give real time alerts. You can modify the searches to a certain degree.

    As far as a piece of software that will "scan the entire market" in realtime, that's going to be expensive. You'll need to get a feed that gives you all that data. DTN and some others will provide it, but it's several $k/month.

    There are other web sites which will allow you to upload pieces of scripts and it will automatically run them and report when a match has been found.
  6. Wallace:

    Thank you so much! This may be the answer I am looking for. At least it is the closest thing so far. I still have to play with it more but on a quick glance it looks awesome! Thanks!!!!!

    If anyone else has other suggestions, I do welcome them.

    I simply want to play with "% of stock price change" and "time". I would like to be able to research both these items independently of each other and be able to go from 1 day to 10 years. (well, at least 2 years). . . A very boring project, and as you can see I do not know much about this so any advice would be great.

    Sorry if I was unclear to other posters, I did not know what kind of information I needed to give for an answer. - Newbee. :D
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    Oddly enough the program is called spread!:), do your homework and, search for it. There are some shareware versions too......:cool: