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    does anyone have any suggestions on how to get started in creating an automated trading system? books to read? software to use? anything would help
  2. (1) Read everything on ET. This will not teach you any secrets, but it acquaints you rather well with the true environment;
    (2) As the first point takes already some time, this is peanuts compared to the time it will take to get going. Count on many years (5?, 10?). Some of the wiser posts on ET wll confirm this.
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    You better go with what will save your time and effort from design/coding yourself. You will avoid software bugs since their software is tested and reliable. You only need to learn EasyLanguage to make your trading strategy be understood by their software and you can test your strategies before going with real hard earn money.

    Just to let you know that I'm not promoting TradeStation, I have no business with them, it's just I found useful and make sense with the current society. Automation will gain more and more popularity in the future. Wall Street will be used with new weapon, however strategy remain the same as it was 400 years ago.
  4. This may not be a bad idea to get your feet wet. Don't hope to make any money with things like Tradestation or Metastock. Not impossible but very unlikely.
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    Nononsense. All I hear from you is that this won't work and that won't work. How about shedding some light and providing some guidance on what does work?

    Can nonsense make a positive post, lets see?
  6. My posts are always highly positive, free of nonsense.
    You tell him something to make money right away ozzy. I don't think you ever came across something of that kind.
    Of course, your 'great' master would always talk positively. In speculating, this won't help, not even NLP. For sure, you'll pick up a lot of weirdoes with that.
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    There is no get rich quick scheme in trading. On a side note, your cynical by nature, but that's not always a bad thing.

    P.S In regards to the original poster. I'm trying to do the same thing and all I can say is that it is not an easy task.
  8. I am not cynical at all. Only a nononsense attitude might bring you closer to your market goals. I learned that the hard way and it took me a VERY long time. Most do-gooders did not manage to do me any good at all.

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    I agree with your point. Your alright nononsense. Also I was just kidding with you on the god thread.

    Take care.
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