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  1. does anyone watch for buy/sell program triggers, and if so have you found it as a worthwhile indicator to time an entry... ive added it as another indicator i watch but so far it hasnt done as much as i thought... i notice the indicator will cross the thresholds several times with no noticeable program going off...there was only one that i noticed today, a sell earlier in the morning, so maybe the trick is determing when to use it in conjunction with the rest of your "bag of tricks"? just looking for any comments, successes/failures.
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  5. zxcv1fu


  6. I was looking at the Prem level today and it stayed pretty much on a tight range- not even going close to the buy/sell levels. Does that mean that no program trading took place or does that mean the players tighten their envelopes and execute program trades on a tighter buy/sell levels.

    Any insights?
  7. the premium volatility lately has totally sucked.

    it's because institutions don't want to get involved while the whole iraq thing is going down.
  8. now thats what a BUY PROGRAM looks like, referring to the rally this afternoon, good stuff!
  9. Ron, this is what I don't understand. When mkt sells off OR rallies they say it is caused by a buy/sell program. BUT a program is caused by the diff between SP and SP cash is it not?

    So why don't they just say that the stock mkt rally was caused by a ton of SP buying or vice versa.
    The buy/sell program is just the effect NOT the cause. A big buying or selling pressure in the SP is the cause right?

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