Program trading & the end of scalping era?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kitty1996, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Hi there...
    I put this question here because many prop firms use scalping technique to trade.

    But I've an intellectual conversation with some Professional Trader in this forum. He taught me a lot of things about the changes in trading due to computer program trading. I really thank to him for his kindness & knowledge.

    I would like to ask some honest scalpers... who have made so much EASY money in the past but can't any more since program trading kicked in. And since then, what kind of trading do you do to survive now? Are you still working for a prop firm that put great emphasis on scalping?

    Please share your experience... I am really thankful.
  2. dinoman


    Program trading has done nothing but help smart scalpers.

  3. Only the strong survive
  4. ^^ are you one of those lucky ones?

    I don't know... there are so many conflicting infos on this subject. Some said program trading "killed" lots of scalpers...some said the opposite.

    Would be very interested in the REAL statistic.

  5. Still making money but not like years back it has dropped off. Most last a few years then get jobs but some still do very well.
  6. forget program trading, decimalization was the biggest blow to scalping.

  7. I agree, bring back 1/16 1/8 1/4. And the ISLD fyi
  8. ^^traderpro...
    i think you often post at yahoo msg board with the same ID, right?
    if you are that guy, i am happy to see you here:).
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    1 year ago: go long, post up big size on the bid and drive price up into your offers. if you had posted up big size and it was about to get hit, you had time to cancel

    today: post up big size -> get hit instantly and shit your pants (no chance to cancel)

    that was the style that some swift traders used from what I heard from swifties that can longer make money

    Also, you need to define scalping. People will interpret it in different ways. You may think scalping is 5 seconds trades for 1-2 pennies. Others will think scalping is trading for minutes or hours.

    But from what I hear and see, those 2 cent scalpers aren't doing so hot anymore.
  10. I agree, spoofing can be difficult with programs
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