program trading and the plunge protection team

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  1. is it me or does everytime the stocks sell off program trading is blamed for the entire reason for the main sell off. they dont even mention on cnbc bubblevision that program trading triggers stops on the upside and encourages pension funds etc to buy when the market is going up.but on the way down oh no thats not allowed. i think from what happened the other day the exchange clearly panicked in the midst of a mighty sell off and shut the gateway to the program trading systems in order to stop the matket selling off.

    this is clearly against the point of a free floating market.

    i think most people would agree that these stocks have been too high for while now relative to world events and statistics and i think should be lower.

    but i cant and wont stand in the way anymore of clearly interventional methods by various bodies to 'never let the dow ever fall anymore significantly'.

    im as bearish as you can be on the dow.but you know going to go long because im convinced that the authourities will not let it go down. load up boys its a one way bet to the upside
  2. And why would you be watching CNBC with the sound turned ON????? :p

    You can gawk at Maria and Beckie without sound dude!
  3. oh surprise surprise we are higher.

    market sold it down. i wonder who is buying.

    the will never let it fall.
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