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  1. Has anyone ever used HL Camp & Company for trading the markets. Thet provide on a daily basis probable program trading from an historical data base. i want to know if this has been successful for anyone. Any feedback about them would help.
  2. Program trading?......Index arbitrage??.........when the futures deviate too far from "fair value", you buy the "cheap" thing and short-sell the expensive thing? I haven't heard anybody brag about the money they've made with that strategy since 1990. There's too much money, technology and brain-power that have relegated it to the scrap heap.
  3. This is making money the hard way...they earn every penny they make...

    This is the Labor method of making exchange for very low risk and drawdown.

    For most traders this is not attractive.

    Michael B.
  4. If it makes money. It's all good.
  5. I agree :)