Program added without my knowledge?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. i use GOOGLE. Works great and seamlessly, cant speak for yahoo.

    ps: oh and one othet thing, NEVER CLICK YES NEVER, in fact dont click anything! go to WINDOWS TASK MANAGER and END the process that way.
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  2. rgelite


    I don't believe anyone here has provided any information in this thread that they don't run such tools regularly, certainly not to warrant an ad hominem that "we guys" are pathetic, even if we were concerned about your opinion as to our character rather than staying focused on solving a technical problem.

    I, for one, merely suggested that such due diligence be done immediately, which would be prudent even if everything I (and you) mentioned was done automatically and daily.

    Calling anyone "pathetic" (whether you actually meant "you guys" or just the original poster) is simply rude, whether you believe any of us to be or not. Someone had a technical issue and asked for advice. No one attacked you. Why attack us?

    The ad hominem was wholly unnecessary to get the essentials of your point across UNLESS your point all along was to disparage. That said, I completely agree with the meat of your statement, now that we've gotten past the crap:

    "Frequent Ad-aware scans and real-time anti-virus is part and parcel of any RESPONSIBLE and COMPETENT computer person internet type not to mention trader. Your stuff shouldn't just be hanging out there."

    And THAT's an excellent point you made. :cool:
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  3. both actually. nothing like a good ad hominem to drive the point home :D
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  4. lol :p
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  5. i see your LOL:p and raise you LMAO:D
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    LOL, charlie. :D
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  7. For those who have installed ad-aware, did you have any problems with the installation? Does ad-aware delete the spy programs or do you then have to "upgrade" to something that'll do the job? And finally, If I've disabled file downloads, can spyware still be installed without my knowledge?
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  8. Bob111


    i'm using yahoo campanion toolbar for years-easy to use,help 's with stocks, if you choose Finance Companion toolbar and latest version have a pop up for me))))
    it is also good idea that after you scan, find and fix all problems to rollback on previous restore point
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  9. alanack


    I just want to say your last post proves that not everyone gets on these boards simply to tell other people how stupid they are... thanks. With that out of the way, here is what I did: I attempted to do a virus scan on PitStop, and when checking the running processes it showed WERULE BUG. This has to be the thing I picked up earlier this afternoon. Is getting rid of this as easy as deleting the files(there are four of them), or do I need to do anything else. I try hard to keep my cpu clean, and want to make sure I get rid of this thing completely. Thanks.

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  10. Use spybot. It will clean it up. Also look at a new browser It has built in pop up blocker. Or use google task bar.
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