Program added without my knowledge?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Jan 21, 2004.

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    This afternoon I was looking a site when I was totally bombarded with pop-ups. I closed them all down and was suddenly asked if I wanted to take a snapshot of my system before proceeding with adding an (unnamed) program. I went ahead and took a snapshot of my system(I use Windows XP), and immediately restarted the computer. No mention of any new program was heard from again, and after restarting I checked my programs just to make sure nothing new was there, and nothing showed up. Can anyone tell me what might have been going on here, and if I should look more carefully to make sure nothing has been planted anywhere. Thanks.

  2. jee sus man why did you say yes??!! :eek:

    you better run a virus scan or two and adaware immediately if not sooner!
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    Be very, very careful with banner type ads and anything that offers to check something on your computer, give a browser enhancement, offer to provide a service like keeping your clock up to date, etc., etc., etc. This is a common way for these nastly little popup programs to get installed. Some are extremely difficult to remove once installed.
  4. yeah what NET said. why dont you just hand them the keys to the kingdom and get it over with :)
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    You didn't mention WHAT it was that prompted you to take a "snapshot" of your system. If that's not a normal query that you've seen before, odds are that with a bit of social engineering some malicious installation program prompted you for that [the computer equivalent of asking, "How about a nice Hawaiian punch?" (if you remember that commercial from years ago)] and then deployed some package on your machine.

    If I were you, I'd immediately check out your system.

    Scan for viruses, use a product like Ad-Aware (google it if you don't have it, it's free), and thoroughly review every entry in your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs List (sort by date last used), plus check your Startup program directory and the registry's Windows Startup key (sorry, I don't have its precise name handy) but it does the same thing as Startup only behind the scenes.

    Good luck.
  8. You know what is pathetic is you guys should be running this stuff anyway. Frequent Ad-aware scans and real-time anti-virus is part and parcel of any RESPONSIBLE and COMPETENT computer person internet type not to mention trader. Your stuff shouldn't juut be hanging out there :eek: :) :D
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    My reason for taking a snapshot was I thought I better be able to go back to a previous condition in case someone was able to plant something. I was expecting to see an option to proceed with installation, which I could cancel, but it never came. FYI I did immediately run adaware, and I never click on any pop ups or attachments, except to get rid of them. I have never seen anything like this before.

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    Go to yahoo and search for NO ADS its free and will stop the pop ups.Only one thing with the free NO ADS as new pop ups come along just ad to target and you will never see it again...

    Good Luck
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