Proflogic seminar buyers. Any success?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Sushi, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Sushi


    Can any buyers of proflogics seminar or follower of his free system testify to it's success? Even woodie has tons of accolades. How about etlites ow n woodie type? Anyone fund sucess with the method???
  2. Sushi


  3. T2GR8T


    He's a clown, more like Hershey than Woodie
  4. Sushi


    Don't know Hershey. Does he have a website like gummy or woodie?
  5. T2GR8T


    No he preys on ET.. he's only in it to boost his sagging ego to assuage a lifetime of failure
  6. Sushi


    Lots of those old retired failures in these parts

    Still waiting for success stories from seminar buyers
  7. Beebers


    Someone surely will have a success story.

    One statistic to keep in mind though is the theory of runs.

    A trader gets in a losing streak and therefore signs up for a seminar. As he comes away from it his trading improves. Who gets the credit?

    On the other hand, if he comes away from it and his trading does not improve, then the seminar must be awfully bad.
  8. toc


    one thing i would give to proflogic for sure.........he has done a heck of a job getting people to sign up for system and seminars etc. and making money out of them. weather his strategy works or not is a matter of actual experience but proflogic is sitting pretty despite taking huge beating on ET atleast. :cool:
  9. T2GR8T


    They all have their 15 minutes before ending up serving fries at Mickey D's