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    hi all,

    for those that is interested in proflogic method. Hold your horse.

    He will be posting his trading statement soon according to 1 of the other forum.

    Intially he mention he will post on end of Jan for all his Jan trade. He did not due to family issue and lack of time to trade. (Excuse or real)

    He mention he will be posting weekly statement from 6th Feb of course till now, nothing yet.

    Let clap for him, 1 of the guru that is willing to post his trading statement be it winning or losing. Of course that is until he has posted
  2. yeah right and pigs will fly

    he was supposed to be starting a trading contest right here on ET but that has been cancelled
  3. good luck on that one. the prof is a little hard to pin down. i suspect he likes it that way.
  4. Yea check the other ET thread as linked to above where he claimed he was going to trade for 20 days and post his results after having a drawn out disagreement with marketsurfer on the idea of trends. Prof was the one pushing for this trading contest/exercise and calling marketsurfer out only to back out of it himself after he was the one who set the time fram and start date.
  5. DowntickBOY: the name says it all.

    Marketsurfer is going to sit with me and watch me trade live instead of doing it online. This is what we worked out. DowntickBOY decieded to post a blatant lie to make himself look good as usual. The net is a wonderful place to hide and lie huh, boy.
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    it is getting really messy on the other forum, I dont think professor logic will deliever what he has promised. There is tons of excuses and debate going on over there.
    Well it is always not easy to post statement, but what is ironical is nobody force him and he himself set the date and he himself mention he will post the statement.

    I was thinking of joining his class with 2 of my friend but now I will think thrice. If he can't promise what he will do in a forum, how can we trust him that he will deliver what he is suppose to.

    If he did not mention he will post a statement I guess it is still fine, after all I don't see any guru posting statement, but since he promised I only feel it is right for him to end it with a statement.
  7. Chinese wisdom:

    Those who know do not speak
    Those who speak do not know

    And another favourite of mine:

    Victory awaits those who have everything in order - people call it luck.
    Defeat is certain for those who have forgotten to take the necessary precautions in time - people call that bad luck
    (Roald Amundson, polar explorer, 1927)

    Or how about another one:
    Actions speak louder than words.

  8. yes, charlie dow invited me to attend ( at no cost ) a seminar. i agreed while having no idea that this seminar was not internet based but rather in florida. there is no way that i am going to florida to attend the seminar. charlie dow will have to find another way to follow thru with his challenge proof.

  9. xiaohu


    Huh ?
    So charlie_dow is confirm proflogic ?

    Earlier on in this thread charlie_dow call the prof an arrogant a$$

    Mr SChAMp, it doesn't matter whether you can trade anymore, i would not believe anyone who has no honour and lack integrity.

  10. God fobid you would learn something. Especailly with a room full of open minds. I mean where else could you verify what I do but sit and watch me trade for 8 hours but I guess it is more your speed to just keep spewing that it doesn't work.

    Didn't think you would show anyway.

    Hey I have an idea, why not send someone in your stead. You do know what that means right?
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