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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Geoff, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Geoff



    Has anyone used the ProfitSource software.

    "ProfitSource is a market analysis program designed to help identify winning trades by harnessing the power of Elliott Wave as well as advanced scanning and searching functionalities."

    What our your thoughts?


  2. WD40


    I would consider it a "Work-In-Progress".

    Practically nobody uses it, except those poor fellow who attended Optionetics' seminars.

    Optionetics has a forum on it, You can read all the grieves and praises there.
  3. Any software on Elliott Wave is garbage.

  4. Geoff


    I thought Elliot Wave analysis was a used by many professionals.
    Thanks for your reply.
  5. Since it's SPAMMED all over the internet, it surely must SUCK !!

    But of course, your not spamming it...Elite doesn't allow its members to be spammed. (rolls eyes)
  6. Quite the contrary. EW analysis is mainly used to sucker in newbies.

  7. WD40


    from ryan jones:

    . . .

    Over the years, there has been no small abundance of traders who have latched onto things such as Elliot Wave, Fibonacci numbers and other common approaches to the market. In all of those years, having talked with thousands upon thousands of traders, I have NEVER talked to one who has had any consistent or long-term success using this type of approach. NEVER.

    That is a very, very strong statement, and one you need to pay close attention to. There is MAJOR flaw associated with these approaches that almost dooms the trader to failure from the beginning.

    . . .

    Those who trade the Elliot Wave try and fit the market movement into some sort of category, only to realize that the market wasn’t done. Those who trade Fibonacci numbers try and force a number on a move, and then when they are wrong, they have a back up number.

    . . .
  8. mbbcat


    has anyone got a genuine but unregistered copy of this for sale?
  9. One of my neighbors used it and he said it sucked pretty bad.....As I recall he lost a lot of money using it.

  10. Ton128


    Hello Everyone;

    Beware of ProfitSource the software is shit never do what they claim it do. If it's so good why dont they keep it for them self? why selling it ???? I been using it for more then 3 year and it alway give out the wrong information. :mad: It's Shit
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