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  1. Let us all come clean. How much money has the individual trader made YTD? I don't want percentages, just dollar amounts minus commisssions and losses-NET.
  2. Seems like a lot of people lately are really concerned about the other guy and what he's doing. Who gives a shit. Compare your recent month's statement with your past ones and find out how you can become a better trader.

    Let's just assume for sake of argument that at least one registered user on here is pulling in over 5 million a year and another guy is probably losing a lot. Everyone else falls somewhere inbetween.
  3. Not a good answer. Give me some numbers, dude.
  4. Pabst


    And let's assume one exceedingly active member has not yet traded. :D
  5. He can't. Dude doesn't trade!!!
    I have posted net in other threads and as a result got slammed for doing so. Not worth talking about what kind of money others are kills the people on this board that like to use the 95% of traders fail excuse.
  6. Seriously?

  7. Good one! Dude looks like a lady!!! Dude doesn't trade!! LOL!

  8. -$500... but I haven't traded in nearly 8 months. Would have been more if I