Profits, religion and politics

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  1. stu


    Cut it out Tampa. You are frightening me. I always considered you to be funny and intelligent. :(
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  2. qdz


    That's not true. The acts of those who believe in God and Allah disgust me. I leave them alone and try to have nothing to do with them. I am not going to express my opinion on this regard no more.


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  3. There are two kinds of funny and two kinds of intelligent. On the one hand we have Hollywood funny and Sharon intelligent, and on the other hand we have those who have a conscience.
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  4. stu


    those who have a conscience or those who have a religion?
    Do you mean to say you can't have a conscience unless you are religious? Surely not. That may be the case in the crustacean world, but not for religious political traders.
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  5. tampa


    ...for God's sake (pardon the pun), cut me some slack - I'm toying with the lad - does one have to spell everything out?
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  6. OK, Matt dude. Who said I joined a church? I did not. Partially for the reasons you listed. I believe faith is a personal thing mostly and I don't feel confortable in churches or such gatherings.
    As for your smart ass spelling remark, I have mentioned in various threads already replying to smart asses like you that English is my 4th language so give me a break. BTW, another miracle if you want - I was working as an English interpretor for Sparks International (quite a reputable firm, by the way, who wouldn't hire just anybody) in Ukraine just after three months of studying English. It's as if someone told me that I had to study it and showed me how. A year or so afterwards I won a scholarship from George Soros to come study in the US (being a poor kid from a small Ukrainian village and competing with some of the best students from the best universities, I would claim it's another miracle that I was the top finalist out of 400 applicants, don't you think? The list goes on and on. Now, only a few short years later, I'm managing a hedge fund. And I dont' think you can just say it's all due to happy positive thoughts with no devine intervention.
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  7. Oh sorry, I forgot that was you. I do respect that you know so many languages and I wish knew more.
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  8. That's OK, I'm used to it. It is a great language by the way. Very efficient. You can get your point across with a lot fewer words that in other languages... Sounds very nice too. :)
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    Hallelujah. My fears are dispelled and my confidence restored. Truely a miracle !
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    you're right there Vlad smartass is very efficient and "nice" :D
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