Profits, religion and politics

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  1. stu


    since when did greenie control PDT Rule ?
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    Good, my quote cannot be ignored, can it?
    F@#$%ing means ignoring. If i believe there is a Lord in the universe, I would think it is the universal laws or the same God or Alah or whatever people believe. No point to covert people to think as you religious people do. Ignore you.


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  3. Would you just @#$@$@ shut up, loser? Profitable??? Trading a 2K account? For how long? You suck on some days and stay silent about it or go blame PDT for it. Then you get lucky some day, make a few pathetic hundred bucks and come here all pumped up shouting out what a cool geniuos trader you are and how you just caught this move. What a pathetic bunch of crap.
    Non religious, OK, neither Dem nor Rep, OK, but profitable? Oh, give everyone a break.

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    Well strangely the very opposite happened to me. When I gave up the religion stuff, things just got better and better. I have never looked back. Praise the Lord! As I have said before and I will say again Brothers and Sisters, the only miracles ever seen are the ones that appear with Smokey Robinson.
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    You never have an idea. Are you so eager to know? But I am not going to tell you (again). I had reveal it many times. PDT rules was an obstacle but not any more, although the insane rule should F@#$ing die. If they come forward to continue pushing me out, I swear I will knock off the whole table and destroy everything. By the way, I never did what you accused me when I gain or lose. So simply ignore your accusation.


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  6. One would have to know more about your situation to give a proper response. Depends on what you call "better and better." If you mean that you are getting laid more often and with more ladies etc etc. Maybe. But that doens't necessarily qualify as better in my vocabulary. At least not any more :D
    In my case, pretty much all the bad stuff that ever happened to me I can clearly see as my own fault, one way or the other. All the good things are clearly from above.
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  7. ...OK, I just checked the thread I had in mind, I confused you with the Wally dude. But you are probably the same guy, so who cares. The other stuff still applies.
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    It's ok Vlad dude. I wasn't looking for a proper response. I didn't expect one and I clearly wasn't disapointed. :D
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  9. I was the perfect little Christian boy for 25 years of my life until I finally realized that I was the only one being a Christian. All the other people at church were constantly taking advantage of my kindness and using all sorts of power plays to promote their own agenda.

    So how do I explain your success? I believe that most of the good or bad things that are created in our lives are the result creative visualizations of our minds. In short when you create positive happy thoughts, your life is filled with positive happy things and vice versa. Your life may have improved when you joined the church, but that's just because you tricked yourself into believing that everything would be good because you were now affiliated with the church. The results are correlative not causal.

    I'll bet if you take an honest look at your church you will realize (as I've realized) that churches are really just as much political organizations as the Dems and the GOP (i.e. raise more money, get more followers, promote the churches agenda, raise more money, get more followers, promote the churches agenda). A church will never make a decision that will threaten its own existence.

    BTW: The next miracle you might want God to work on is your spelling. It's not "noone" its no one.
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    ...perhaps it was your belief in Allah that brought the wrath of God on you, not to mention the PDT rule - God works in mysterious ways...
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