Profits, religion and politics

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  1. tampa

    tampa had nothing to do with trading - it was a matter of honor - he has none, but God bailed him out, there is no other possible explanation...
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  2. I would have to agree on that one.

    Fun is an interesting concept anyway. I seems to require just the right amout of intelligence. Ants don't seem to have fun, and geeky scientists don't appear to have too much fun either. But somewhere inbetween a chimp and humans "hanging out at a club" there seems to be that mysterious "fun zone".
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  3. qdz


    See, here you go a religious nonsense.


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  4. I guess God just liked your friend better than me.
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  5. stu


    Do Lobsters have fun I wonder or do they just f#$%?
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  6. WTF, moron??? another proud addition to the ignore list... been thinking of doing it for a while now. still "trading for living on a 2g account? yeah, right :D
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  7. qdz


    My choice is a missing option in the poll,
    I'm profitable, non religious, and neither a Republican nor a Democrats.

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  8. I would have to assume the average lobster gets his share of f#$%ing otherwise how would you explain all the little lobsters?

    As to fun, I can't speak for lots of other lobsters, but I don't think they have too much of it. I know I don't.
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  9. tampa


    ...if you would only submit to the Lord, I am sure that he'd lift the PDT...
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  10. you never know what's best for you until much later. are you sure you were asking for the right things?
    In my life, so much good has happened since I became religious that I <b> absolutely</b> don't see how that can be described as attributable to smth else. I was in a very pathetic plight b/c of the things I used to do as a teenager and noone knows how I would have ended up instead of being where I am now. Honestly, guys and gals, I have had some very very close calls and only miracles saved my ass :D
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