Profits, religion and politics

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  1. tampa


    ...or you could stay a blabbering, cold hearted, borrow and spend, anti-woman, even bigger government conservative who blames everything, including his bad trading, on Clinton
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  2. qdz


    Religion is the evil seed of our humankind. F@#$ reglious men and women.

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  3. qdz


    F#$% religious men man women.

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  4. Exactly, except then I wouldn't be profitable.

    (In reality I'm actually petty much an independent, I was just trying to get some laughs)
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  5. tampa


    ...and I just heard that the Southern Baptists were about to join your crusade against the PDT rule - but after that post, well I don't know...

    Bad timing. guy...
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  6. qdz


    I don't care any more. The world should be doomed.

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  7. Me too. :confused:
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  8. Religions are good and bad. Many religions provide for the poor and typically they instill some strong values in their followers (although not all the values they instill are beneficial to society e.g. self-righteousness).

    The reality is that religions and political parties are really the same animal. Each raises money to promote their values, and each will do whatever it takes to insure the continuance of the organization above all else.

    So to criticize religions is to criticize political parties in my book.
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  9. tampa


    well, I have a close personal friend, down on his luck, his back to the wall, about to face shame and humiliation, he made a pledge to his local Synagog, and within a few hours a miracle occurred saving his pathetic ass...

    how's that for a fact?
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  10. qdz


    I have to agree with you, mattjclark. F@#$ politicians.


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