Profits, religion and politics

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  1. Here is an interest poll for Elitetraders.
  2. Profitable whoud be over the last 2 years.
  3. What's a Democrate?
  4. it's the floor model.
  5. chisel


    I can't vote in this poll because you left out Libertarians. :D
  6. bobcathy1

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    I am curious to what exactly you want to know? This poll mystifies me:confused:
  7. er.. gee, i wonder. maybe it's got something to do with umm, religion, politics and profitiablity? who knows..

    only 4 profitable GOP atheists amongst us? come on fellas!
  8. lescor


    You assume that some people aren't religious, but that everyone has a political affiliation?
  9. Interesting,

    By looking at the stats, I should become a democrat because 83% of democrats are profitable were as only 63% of republicans are profitable (I’m assuming this means profitable over ones entire life).


    All I have to do is become a whining, bleeding heart, tax and spend, baby killing, big government, liberal and the Holy Grail is mine.

    I always knew there was a little something missing from my trading.
  10. Maybe we should define "religious". Does communism count as a religion? Does television count as a religion? Does atheism? The latter should be counted as a religion, since it is (no more or less than other religions) a form of faith and a way to interpret your life based on an assumption you cannot prove to someone who doesn't share your belief.
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