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  1. I have no P&L to brag about. In fact, I'm consistently negative as the $0.0045 per share fee eats me up. I'm looking to improve by taking a course. Any good training courses to recommend? What about the SMB Training 5 week Foundation course? After flying, hotels, cabs, metro, etc., it'll cost me just over $20K, course included. If the course turns my consistently negative P&L statements to positive statements it'll be worth my time and costs.

    Any thoughts from consistently profitable traders? Can you post your P&L statements?

  2. First tell us what kind of trading you have been doing..

    intraday ?
    multi day swing trades ?

    * If you are bent on taking a course....Stay away from any course charging more than $300 in my opinion. That way if you come out of it feeling that you didnt learn that much, you won't be in so much added pain bcuz of the cost.

    Most courses are taught by ppl that have very little or no experience trading with real money. And if they were making money why are they teaching instead of trading? Get the picture?
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    Save the 20K. It's not gonna help.
  4. Switch to swing/position trading like many of us have done already because we cannot compete with HFT and strong hands. Trade index ETF products 1 to 10 days or longer. Use options when you want to control risk. Subscribe to a good service for market analysis or use cleverly free information available all over the place. Trade intraday only when you want to add to a position or exit. Rarely open a position intraday. If you are disciplined enough your 20K will grow to 100K in 3 years.
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    Let's not get carried away. If he achieved 100% return the first year, he would have 40K. If he followed that with another 100% return year, he would have 80K at the end of two years. And if he managed a 25% return the third year, he would have 100K. I seriously doubt that he will do that well.
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    Take $500 of the 20g and buy some good trading books and subscribe to a few trading magazines. Read them thoroughly and paper trade every idea you read or can think of. Take $4,500 along with the wife, significant other or mistress off for a nice vacation. You might need a few more $$ if you take more than one of them :) . Then trade the remaining $$$.

    Why in the world would you need someone to post their their P&L statements? And why in the world would anyone provide them?
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  8. Maybe you are right but I do no know the person and I also know that it is possible because I have done it and others I know have.
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    Can I tell you one simple truth? No course will ever teach you how to trade.

    That's the best trading advice you'll ever get and it's free.

    One way to make money in markets - follow the price. Two possibilities - long or short. One trade - get it right and you're set.

    Why make it so complex?

    edit: holy crap, I just read it, 20k??? dude, give that to me and I'll be your mentor for life. :D gotta be kidding lmfao.
  10. Save your $20,000. Take $12 of it and go buy yourself a copy of Stikky Stock Charts. It'll take you an hour to read it, guaranteed.

    Your $20,000 will most likely go down the drain, but that $12 spent on the basics won't.
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