Profiting from the death of television...

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    I've had a hunch for a few years that TV is a dying media. Short of "shorting" tv networks (some of which I feel are moving online), what other ways can one profit from this? Looks like cable has a grip on broadband and rampant control on pricing now that net neutrality is gone, so even if they're losing subscribers, they'll just squeeze those profits off their net users.
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    Lol, the decline of television is a consensus view.
  3. Simples


    Avoid ad-based TV? Seems like a no-brainer. Have been for me for 20 years at least..
    We do watch state sponsored TV through internet though, as quality is above most, less special private interests and no ads.
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    I think you're asking the wrong question.

    What *I* want to know is, who's going to sell me that Kevin Spacey put? I mean, *Damn.*

    (And then there's the related question, where can I *buy* the Seth MacFarlane call????)

    And hell, I'd go buy the bottoming Louis CK for sure. Total bargain.

    Women??? Well, I'd sell a Meryl Streep call spread, were there sufficient vol, but ... really doubt there's any vol there.

    I'd love to do a Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Aniston pairing for a reversion-to-mean spread, cuz, well, "Damn." :D

    And cuz I've always had the hots for her, I would love to do an iron condor on Jamie Lee Curtis, yes oh mommaaaaaa yes. :wtf: Puts and Calls, bro. Puts and Calls.:rolleyes:

    Wait a minute....

    What was the question??
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    I wouldn't know, stopped watching a decade ago :)
  6. Good thing PBS has no special interests ...
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    Buy Disney for the long run.
  8. Pekelo


    And you would be wrong. We are living in the golden age of television, content wise. Excellent programs all over and I am not talking about Storage Wars. Now even TV channels have their own paid internet site. The bastards put Strange Angel on it, like I don't know how to torrent.

    But you can always buy Netflix, if you think the net is killing TV.
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    About the only thing I've seen coming out of TV that's improved a bit is the news (regardless of what the Trumpists may say). Last I checked, TV was dominated by reality TV. Some good shows came out of cable that I ended up torrenting, but most decent content comes out of the subscription channels that are going online anyway (Showtime, HBO).

    I think it's fairly obvious that if they're not moving content online they'll be in trouble, so perhaps I'm looking at the infrastructure side of things and/or content creators that refuse to innovate (go online, such as local stations).
  10. Humpy


    Probably TV here in the UK has really taken over from the cinema and now the net is displacing TV.
    I think a fast net allows much more interactivity and will displace current TV.
    As for the future ?
    Cinemas on a larger scale may make a comeback but in the form of the Enterprise's hollow deck. Acting out and being a part of one's favourite movies. A sort of Westworld.
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