profiting from Katrina?

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    The point I was trying to make was in response to the opinion that New Orleans should be built back as a "energy Silicon Valley".

    What you say of reserves is true. However, the knowledge, expertise, experience and the professionals that bring those reserves out of the ground, deliver to the refinery and then to market either resides in, or is heavily influenced by, Houston.

    I think we have over 100 energy related Public Companies headquartered here. Not to mention major divisions or US HQ of the foreign companies, ie Shell, BP

    The service companies, the pipeline companies, the geolist, etc etc.

    Also, all of the oil people of the countries with reserves come here on a regular visits.

    Of course, as I am so close to it, I never traded energy, LOL. How dumb is that? I have a friend that trades only natural gas. Likes it as it is transparent. Knows where all of it is at all times. Very focused. Simple business, supply/demand.

    Good luck

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    I agree, great post SteveD
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