profiting from Katrina?

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  1. You ever notice the people that believe in god and make a lot of money don’t follow the bible. They say they do and hope the poor masses follow it.
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  2. The truth of America is the only thing less important then a poor person is a poor black person. Its not race as much as class. Some white Americans still hate black people but I don’t think that’s the general things anymore. Rich black people are better then poor white people in America’s eyes. There are just not a lot of rich black communities to prove it. So yes we have class then we look at race. The government did not care because it was poor people who were dying. We close are eyes to it everyday in America. All around the world and even here poor people are being mistreated. It’s an unspoken rule that we say we care but we really don’t. If they did not put dying people on TV we would not care again.
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  3. we, we, we, we, we.

    why do go on as if you speak for everyone? the truth is, you speak for noone but yourself. then you go on and mix persons (we, they). that's just bad grammar.
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  4. Ok pencil dick. So are you saying America does not have racial or social class? You truly think people are treated equal? You don’t seem to get it? A lot of the people are poor and could not leave so how are they going to buy food at this helpless stage. Price gouging should be a crime what’s wrong with that. When major companies get into trouble they sometimes ask government to help bail them out. That’s America’s money so why should they fuck us when a major problem happens. You talk about guns like they are great it shows how smart you are. You can tell you’re a republican. Odds are you believe in the bible so why should the government be against gays and abortion but not against hurting people in bad times. Its all based on morals the problem is a lot of people have selective morals.
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    It is all the evil white mans fault. Find one and blame him for all of the misfortunes of African America... Wether it is a storm, poverty, lawlessness, lack of education, unemployment, drug abuse, prison, or crime ridden neighborhoods.

    Didn't you know that this disaster was conspiracy by white weather men to cause harm to the blacks in our county!

    Only Black Power can save our country from the misfortunes white people cause the poor and helpless.

    Just ask Jesse Jackson and the Black caucus how this country should be run! They are our only hope.

    The mayor of New Orleans did what all honorable men should do, blame everyone for lack of leadership. Guliani taking control during 9/11 was not called for, it is better to leave the city and call into radio shows in order to spread fear and loathing towards anyone involved in the relief effort... Thats the sign of a real leader.
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    What a bunch of utter bullshit. This has nothing to do with black on white. The fed govt. had access to extensive simulations for years that showed the catastrophic nature of a levee breach. The facts are you have people dying in their attics because of an incompetent fed. govt. that just a few months ago denied funding to strengthen same levees. Yeah, I'm sure it's the mayors fault that he did'nt plug his butt into the levee breach and stop the flooding. I always figured for some people it's more important to save embroyo cells than living humans. Unfortunately we have these people running the fed. govt.
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  7. oy. [the edited response]
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  8. You need to understand the difference between the first and second market. When a company does an IPO or a secondary offering, it is raising money. Once the shares have been sold into the public market, the buying and selling (unless the company has a trading account in its own stock) is done by people OTHER than those in the company. If I buy stock from you and make money selling it a week later, the company doesn't see a dime.
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    Really?! The federal government forced people into their attics? I thought it was rising water that resulted from the hurricane damage.

    It's true that many of those in New Orleans were impoverished, but how many of those same people blaming the government now were receiving monthly welfare checks from that same government?
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    Embryonic stem cell research will lead to saving people. Just wait until someone in your family needs the results of that research.
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