profiting from Katrina?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jsmooth, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. gmb1994


    Actually, I think it's appropriate to invest in companies (stocks) that are going to be working to rebuild after Katrina's damage. Our investments in those companies will give them capital to purchase what they need to help.
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  2. KevinK

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    I shorted some ISLE yesterday. The company is done for IMO and it should break down even more.
    #12     Sep 2, 2005
  3. any bastards/bitches will head to hell for trying to profit from this tragedy.
    i know many of ya do believe in god, why else would you have god bless amerika or in god we trust.
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  4. KevinK

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    Why is it incorrect to short a company that is going bankrupt? Am i forcing it to bankruptcy? am i hurting someone by shorting it? how do you know im not giving my money to the church? spell america right then you can be patriotic.
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  5. have you checked out oil company stocks lately?

    i watched VLO going from 98 (where i started to watch) to 113 in 2 days.

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  6. volente_00


    Not really stock related by me and a partner purchased a large amount of 7/16 osb for around 8 dollars last monday. Yesterday I was at the same store and there was a guy there trying to buy all the plywood the store had in stock and he actually had an 18 wheeler in the parking lot to load it up. Currently it is almost $12 so we are up about 47% in 5 days. We plan to sell when it hits 16.
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  7. mastah


    Are there any companies destroyed by huricane?
    Let's short them!
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  8. this is a bit tangential to the thread, but...

    odds are very high there are black markets right now getting water and food to people in that city. what would they do without them, wait for that idiotic pretty boy mayor to scream and yell until someone in Washington delivered food and water to the people?

    markets get things done. profit is legitimate pay for the effort. divert resources to an area of unusual demand and of course the costs are going to be higher -- for a government or for a legitimate market participant. charity is an individual choice. none of these things require the grandstanding, political posturing, or back stabbing of political operators.

    and, incidentally, the only place thugs rule is where honest people don't bother to arm themselves, because they trust the government to take care of them. All well and good, until the government breaks down.

    "death to the gougers and profiteers" shout self righteous politicians. but the question remains, would the victims rather pay up for what they need, or go without because some nitwit in office says that "price gouging is a crime?" If you were stuck there, wouldn't you want to be able to buy what you needed?

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  9. New Orleans Mayor is obviously panicky and disorganized.

    Compare this to the NY Mayor in 9/11. Most effected people in New Orleans are African-American - like the Mayor himself. So, the Mayor cannot receive any blame.
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  10. two buildings coming down is not comparable to an entire city under water. This is a federal responsibility, under federal jurisdiction, no way to blame blacks for this massive failure. Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Guliani, and the bias and racist "refugee, "them" "That place" "those people", "looters" media are the enemies of humanity.
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