profiting from Katrina?

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    i know this sounds sinical (profiting from a hurricane, but it's better than losing money)...whats going to be everyones trading plan come monday morning after the hurricane hits? what individual stocks do you plan to go long/short on?

    what does everyone think will happen with the oil stocks (vlo, hal, bp, xom...) seems like those stocks rally with higher oil prices (which seems to be a given now), but they may be losing some rigs due to the hurricane, so that will decrease there production...were does everyone see oil related stocks going?

    HD and LOWS: i'm thinking these are going to be good longs...any other thoughts?

    Short Casino stocks: due to all the casinos located in Mississippi that will most likely be destroyed (and most of these casino stocks are already peaking out).

    Long Steel stocks....anyone starting to like commodities again now?
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  3. a Cynic. Here I am praying for the hurricane to miss U.S. and you are trying to profit from it.
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    ripley, everyone has their job to do. If you want to be a trader, you gotta trade and make money from volatility. If you want to pray, join a monastic order.
  5. The jump is in Natural Gas...once Katrina set her sights on Louisiana Nat Gas was set to pop...all the gas companies are right there....

    Good luck and happy trading.
    You can go to to find Nat GAs company stocks.
  6. Yes, it´s bad for the people who live there (no, I cannot imagine how it is to be there and I really hope, I dont get into a situation like that) - but if I do not make my trades, somebody else for sure will.

    That´s what business is like...and what advantage would the people down there have from me not making money?
  7. How about norbord-nbd. On the tse not NYSE. They manurfacture board OSB and plywood. no lumber.
  8. Buy Sep Lumber (oops, too late - its locked limit up)
  9. i bought drq today because i'm learning canslim and this looks like a breakout

    even if oil doesn't stay up i think companies will be upgrading their non-damaged rigs for the future since we are entering an active hurricane season for the next few decades.

    Otherwise people will be replacing a lot of stuff over the next few months.

    building materials stocks had an amazing day. gva and bhcm

    also looking at glw since a lot of hdtv's are going to be bought in 2006 and a lot of infrastructure will be rebuilt

    msft since a lot of PC's are going to be bought

    extr went up but it's low quality
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    If your looking for strong Katrina stocks: WEGI, AMEP, and CV are the most promising right now. Low pps but still promising.
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