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  1. Folks,
    I am not new to Elitetrader, but I have just recently registered. I have been trading for well over 6 years now and my trading record as been somewhat average. My best record as at 2 years ago was turning 2k to 20k within a period of 4 months. I quit trading for a while upon realizing that trading cannot easily be done in isolation or alone and concentrated on keeping a full time job contracting as a Systems Analyst for a while.
    About 3 months ago my contract ended and I decided to use my free time to work on a specific strategy of a single entry a day which to my surprise has worked like magic producing meaningful profits every trading day on the ES for 62 straight days now without a single loss.

    What I am looking for:

    One individual that does not have a full-time job and with a substantial amount of available funds that I can eventually partner with. You will not have to put up any money down at the initial stage.
    I will communicate with you via phone or messenger for a period of 2 weeks during which I will tell you entry points and exit points before the fact on daily bases. You can choose to enter live trades or just watch. After the two weeks period has expired, we will get together and deliberate on what needs to be done in terms of joining forces going forward. Anyone interested in taking me up on this can email me directly at or send me a message on elitetrader detailing me about your-self bearing in mind that I am only interested in dealing with a single individual.

    Many thanks,
  2. See also definition for "leech"
  3. Would you be so kind as to identify for us your average daily net profit in dollars per ES contract for those 62 days? I would like to run some numbers. Thanks.
  4. The average daily net profits in points were about 3 points a day. Essentially, that means the average net profits in dollars with just 2 contracts will be about $300 over a 62 days.
    Bear in mind that i only enter and exit once a day and more. The trade could last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. I believe multiple entries are gambling and a road that leads nowhere...just my thought.
    Now, i am not interested publishing screen shots of trade accounts that i can easily photo shop. I will be making live calls on every trading day for the next 2 weeks. If you are interested you can message and i will add no more than 10 people to my yahoo messenger.

    - I will tell you the entry point
    - i will tell you the stop loss point
    - I will tell you when to exit.

    Note: I am not intending on selling any system. Just because i am sending you trade information for two weeks does not mean i am going to sell you anything.
  5. So. You have a sufficient account to trade two contracts now. In 62 days you can trade 4 more. With those six you can trade 14 more at the end of the next 62 days. Und so weiter. And you need an angel? Anyone who responds to you and buys it deserves what he gets.
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    Actually you are trying to sell something. You're trying to sell the fact that you have a profitable system and you're trying to use that fact to solicit funds from others...

    In the end it's the're doing this for a financial gain. By the way, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. I just have a problem with you believing you're different from any other vendor.

    I'm also surprised you're putting a limit (10 folks on your messenger) considering the point seem to be is to raise capital via partnering with someone. Thus, shouldn't you be trying to reach as many traders as possible to increase the odds of finding a suitable partner.

    My point is this type of "pressure tactic" (e.g. limited space only, first 10 to show up, limited time only) implies you have hidden motives that a trader with the capital you seek would most likely ignore your solicitation.

  8. I personally think capital is the most powerful qualification for being a successful trader... closely followed by mindset and discipline... however, you need less talent if you're well-capitalized...

    So, if your system is so great, why not continue turning 2k into 20k? 20k into 400k... and at 100k-400k, you've got sufficient capital to trade nearly any way you want.

    It took me three months to realize that my first trading successes were simply the by-product of a rather long bull-run. Know what I was doing? Buy at approx 11:30 ET, sell no later than 13:30 ET... sooner if profit-target achieved... I just waited a couple of hours and watched the cash roll in... I had a rude awakening when I actually had to start thinking about my trading.

    That said, what makes you think that a two-week ride on your system would be sufficient to convince someone to risk their capital long-term with you? Or that your system can adjust to large changes in volatility / market sentiment?

    Please give up marketing and make a living off your system. If you're such a great coder, you shouldn't even need a human in the loop... make it do the buying and selling automagically while you work... unless... you really aren't confident it can survive on its own... and in that case, no-thanks I do fine without someone else's electronic noise.
  9. Forgot to mention two concepts to save your capital and your victim ("partner")...

    * Ten years of backtesting ES...
    * At least several months of paper trading a live acct using your rules.

    I don't think you want a partner... you want a victim who is naive enough to trust you with money.